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Название:Gear Hobbing Machine (Y3150)
Тип:Зубофрезерный станок
Product Description

1. Economical and practical CNC lathes;
2. With optimized structures, unfailing performance, high quality, simple programming and easy handling, they are suitable for turning of complicated shaft, sleeve and disk type work-pieces, such as turning of internal and external cylindrical, conical, arc surface and various threads, and even drilling, boring and reaming holes. Especially fit for turning of diversified work-pieces on small and medium batches;
3. Widely used in various trades, such as automobile industry, petroleum industry, military industry, etc;
4. Solid block machine base construction with good rigidity and nice looking, width of beds are 400mm;
5. Stepless speed changing fully automatic by means of main motor frequency conversion and 4-shift hydraulic gear change which ensures the machinery high torque at low speed and constant surface speed cutting for main drive;
6. High accurate feeding with ball-screw dirven by servomotor;
Accurately positioned by end face tooth-discs, the tool post with high repeatability and rigidity;
7. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts integrated as a whole;
8. Modularized design, easily fitted for different requirements;
9. Vertical 4-position, horizontal 6-position and vertical 6-position are available;
10. Equipped with FANUC 0I Mate-t control system;
11. Full-protection cover, semi-protection cover are available;
12. Manual chuck, electrical chuck, hydraulic chuck, manual tail-stock and hydraulic tail-stock for user choice.

Standard accessories:
*Vertical 4-position turret
*3-jaw chuck
*Manual tailstock

Optional accessories:
*Horizontal 6-position turret
*Vertical 6-position turret
*K51-200 / K51-250 / V-208 / V-210 Non thru-hole hydraulic chuck (for PTCK210A)
*K51-250 / V-210 Non thru-hole hydraulic chuck (for PTCK260A)
*K52-250 / N208 Thru-hole hydraulic chuck (for PTCK210A)
*K52-250 / N210 Thru-hole hydraulic chuck (for PTCK260A)
*Hydraulic tailstock and penumatic tailstock
*Φ20-150, Φ20-195 steady rest and hydraulic steady rest
*Φ20-195 roller supporting steady rest (only for PTCK260A)
*Φ20-90 follow rest
*Φ20-90 post-positional follow rest (only for PTCK260A)

Specification PTCK210APTCK260A
Swing over bedmm420520
Swing over carriagemm210300
Maximum length of workpiecemm500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000
Maximum turning lengthmm350, 600, 850, 1350, 1850
Width of guidewaymm400
Spindle nose code C6C8
Manual chuckmmΦ250Φ250
Hydraulic chuckmmΦ200Φ250
Penumatic chuckmmΦ200Φ250
Diameter of spindle thru holemm5880
Taper hole of shindlemm1:20/631:20/86
Spindle speed and range 4-shift gear-change, stepless (27.5-2200 r/min)4-shift gear-change, stepless (25-2200 r/min)
Center height from bedmm215260
Feed motion
X-axis and Z-axis min.feed incrementmm0.0005/0.0010.0005/0.001
X-axis and Z-axis rapid speedsmm/min4000/80004000/8000
X-axis max.travelmm300300
Too-post working postion Vertical 4-postion or Horizontal/Vertical 6-postion
Indexing times2.4 (V4), 2.2(V6), 1.6(H6)
Indexing repeatilitymm0.008
section of turning toolmm25 × 2525 × 25
Diameter of Tailstock quillmm85
Travel of tailstock quillmm150
Taper Hole of Tailstock quillMorse5
Accuracy and acceptance ConditionsJB/T8324.1-96 Alluracy Parallel Lathe
JB/T8324.2-96 Terms Parallel Lathe
Controlling SystemFANUC-0i-TA
Main motor power(Frequency Converted)kw7.5
Machine masskg2600, 2900, 3200, 3600, 4000
Packing (L × W × H)mm2380, 2610, 2860, 3430, 3910 x 2100 x 2100

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