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Название:Surface Grinder (MC7130W Series)
Модель:MC7130W Series
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Product Description

CK0620 CNC Lathe
The CK0620 CNC Lathe is developed for the precise processing of the instruments, electronic connector, medical apparatus etc. The design of the lathe is mature and elegant and it has totally enclosed sheathing. The base is integral casting with high-strength and good aseismatic performance; The spindle adopts precise rigid bearing which is able to endure strong cutting; Vertical and horizontal drag board is directly driven by motor through sealed screw so that it can work rapidly with high precision; The guideway of the bed is forged by wear resisting cast iron. In order to ensure the high rigid and good wearing, the guideway is quenched by ultrasonic frequency and grinded precisely. All these ensure the processing precision and the lifespan; By using 3KW motor as the main motor, the spindle has a stronger turning capacity and larger speed range. Workpiece adopts spring collect.

It can also be equipped with handing chuck and hydraulic chuck. Besides, the lathe is equipped with raw tool rest and automatic feed device, so that it can realize the automation. The key parts such as spindle bearing and limited switch are all import components, ensuring the precision and safety of processing. Meanwhile, the lathe can be equipped with advance CNC system such as KND, Guangzhou GSK according to client's requirements. The lathe is the ideal machine for processing accessories of short spindle, small disk, high-precision curve surface, MF and BSF. (e. G. Cylinder, cone, tower-shape, pear-shape, pipe screw thread and taper screw thread. )

Item             Specifications                     Unit           Parameter
  Max. Swing Diameter over Bed mm  φ 280
  Max. Swing Diameter over Slide mm φ 80
  Max. Turning Diameter mm φ 60
  Center Distance mm  Non

Rotation Speed Range
Manual 2-gear Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation r/min Non
Auto 2-gear Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation r/min 960/1440
Stepless Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation r/min Standard:200-3000  
  Spindle Head/Thru-hole Dia. of spindle mm φ 28
  Taper of spindle ° 40°
  Thru-hole Dia. of Pipe mm   φ 20
  Clamping Device - Standard: Pneumatic Clamping System
Optional: Hydraulic Chuck
Max. Travel of X.Z Axes mm 300/350 
  Moving Speed of X.Z Axes m/min Step 4/6   Servo 6/8
 Spindle Driving Motor kw Standard:2.2   Optional:3
  X.Z axes Feeding Motor kw Standard: Step  
Optional: AC Servo
Tool Rest
  Tool Rest Type   Row Tool Rest   
  Lathe Tool Size of Outer Sleeve mm 15×15 
Tail Stock
  Diameter of Sleeve/Travel mm Non 
  Inner Hole Taper of Sleeve MT  
  (L×W×H) Overall Size mm 1360(L)×1020(W)×1730(H) 
  Net Weight kg 1000
 NC System (AC servo)   GSK928TC/TE,GSK980TB/TD/TDa(Can install as option)

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