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Название:CNC Milling Machine (XK714)
Торговая марка:sanxing
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

1. The feature s of wide body and column, precise caseing, good stability, stong shock absorption and rigid structure.
2.3-axis rectangle guide rail adopted te design of triangle supporting with super HF quenching treatment and fine peripheral grinding.
3. Big precise guiding ball screw equipped with precise angle balll bearing with tightening installation, boasting accurate feeding and trong loading.
4. Turcite-B wearing bit and other friction, parts which touch with rectangle guide rail has good stability.
5. It has the design of wide machie body, long table, whole travelling support of worktable and stong loading.
6.3-axis guide rail used airtight protection cover which has character of ggood chip collection.
7. Equiped with pneumatic tool repalcement device, it is quick and convenient to change the tools, ensuring the high efficient production.
8. Oil and water seperation design prevents dressing oil from the pollution of waste oil and ensures its quality and service life.
9. Driven by servo motor, offering fince load capability. Enclosed panel with the design of air current circle, offering efficient dustproof and cooling.

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