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Название:DRO Universal Knee-Type Milling Machine
Торговая марка:SMAC
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

Application of machine:
X6132 Series Kness-Type Milling Machine are our coventional products, which include X6132, X5032, X6232B etc. More than 10 types. The annul output reaches to 2, 000 sets. They are all "the Excellent Quality products" Which is awarded by both the Ministry and the province. The base casting has high rigidity and good steadings. The spindle transmission adopts 18 steps gear drive with wide rage of drive as well as wide machining range.
X6132 Series Milling Machine are in Common use and interchangtable. It can equipped with accessories such as dividing head, rotary table, rotary table, boring head, transmission box, Milling Chuck, machine vise tec. To widen the machining range.
X6132 Series'electrical control reaches the state standard GB/T52261-1996 thus the safety and reliability are improred.
X6132/1 Series milling Machine equipped DRO on both the Longitudinal and cross directions, realizing the dynamic Notion of the machinery being shown digitally and improving machine accuracy as well as productivity.
X6132A Milling Machinery improre transmission efficiency and reduce labor intensity by use of ball screw in the feed trans-mission.
X6232B Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine was transformed form X6132. It is added with overarm and an universal Milling head. It is drived by a single motor and form a single part. The Universal Milling head can be used as Milling head but also can be rotated 360 in two directions. Equipped with the spindle sleeve. It can stretch out and back, machine any angle oblique plane and hole. The difference between x6232C and X6232B is that X6232C has 45 rotary face, reducing parallel Vertical rotary, so that can machine any plane, groove and hole in any space and angle.

MODELX6132 X6132/1 X6132A X6132A/ 1X6232B X6232B/ 1X6232C X6232C/1X6232 x 16X6232C x 16
Table area (width x length)mm320 x 1320320 x 1320320 x 1320320 x 1600320 x 1320
T-slots (No.-width x pitch)mm3-18x703-18x703-18x703-18x703-18x70
Table Travel (manual) X/Y/Zmm700/255/320700/255/320700/255/320700/255/320700/255/320
Table travel (power) X/Y/Zmm680/240/300680/240/300680/240/300780/240/300780/240/300
Table Swivel degree +450+450+450+450+450
Vertical Milling head swivel degree  3600360036003600
Max weigh of workpiecekg500500500500500
Spindle motor power (horizontal/vertical head)kw5.5/5.5/35.5/35.5/35.5/3
Spindle taper (horizontal/vertical head) 7:24 50#/7:24 50#/40#7:24 50#/40#7:24 50#/40#7:24 50#/40#
Spindle speed range (horizontal/vertical head)r/min18 30-150018 30-1500/90-140018 30-1500/125-200018 30-1500/90-140018 30-1500/125-2000
Feed speed (X/Y/Z)mm/min18 23.5-1180/ 23.5-1180/8-39418 23.5-1180/ 23.5-1180/8-39418 23.5-1180/ 23.5-1180/8-39418 23.5-1180/ 23.5-1180/8-39418 23.5-1180/ 23.5-1180/8-394
Rapid speed (X/Y/Z)mm/min2300/2300/7702300/2300/7702300/2300/7702300/2300/7702300/2300/770
Distance from center line of horizontal spindle to table surfacemm30-35030-35030-35030-35030-350
Distance from vertical spindle nose to table surfacemm 40-425250-57040-425250-570
Feed motor powerkw1.
DRO Resoluction (DRO milling machine only)mm0.0050.0050.005  
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)mm2294x1770x16652294x1770x18582294x1770x18582294x2045x18582294x2045x1858
Weight of machine (about)kg25603000300030003000

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