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Название:Vertical Lathe(BL-VL-5112 5116 5120)
Модель:BL-VL-5112 5116 5120
Торговая марка:BLIN
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Vertical Lathe(BL-VL-5112 5116 5120)

The machine tool main drive directly from the main motor starter, power brake, equipped with a table base manually turn valves,used to select the table speed, push the button stop button can change the speed of the speed table. Loaded onto the spindle up and down worktable 18200 Type double row cylindrical bearings, has brought with its inner taper may be adjusted to ensure that the spindle radial clearance in high-speed precision under the smooth transfer of work. Principal rotation and table rail by the pressure of lubricating oil, feed me the use of an electromagnetic clutch, so regardless of fast-moving or feed direction of choice,may be represented by buttons on the control station. Feed me with two-speed motor rotating turret equipped with a quick feed and electric knives to realize the fast-moving, fast-moving the tool carrier or into the pros and cons to the positive direction by the motor drive, Li-turret or side knife planes of fast-moving and feed should not at the same time, in the normal rotation circumstances, legislation turret or tool holder to carry out the level of lateral movement, while the vertical direction by the feed-box brake clutch brake. The tool holder for vertical movement, then the level of braking. If the tool carrier manual surface processing, should be horizontal and vertical electromagnetic clutch brake-wide was torn off and the manipulation panel feed me instantly realize the change-over switch.Legislative Tool with knife Pentagon units, beams on the horizontal and vertical has manually handle for manual operation with a side of Taiwan side turret knife, with round handles can be manually operated turret ram legislation and side turret hydraulic balance weight from the fuel tank of a balance, so as to achieve levels closer to the mobile edge. Beams through the hydraulic cylinder by a lever to enlarge and to promote two-way ramp iron beams will be firmly in the column on the clamp, push button station take-off and landing on the beam button, slip through the electromagnetic valve into the oil change direction, so that by the electrical beams to relax its for movements of mobile.

ItemUnit BL-VL-5112BL-VL-5116BL-VL-5120
Max Turning Dia. of Vertical Tool Postmm125016002000
Max Turning Dia. of Side Tool Postmm110014001800
Worktable Dia.mm100014001800
Max. Height of Workpiecemm100010001250
Max Workpiece Weight t3.258
Worktable Speed Rangerpm6.3-2005-160302-100
Step 161616
Feeding Rangemm0.8-86 0.8-86 0.8-86 
Vertical Max Turning Forcekg200025002500
Side Max Turning Forcekg200020002000
Total Turning Forcekg350040004000
Max Torque(kg.m) 175025003200
Horizontal Travel of Vertical Tool Post mm7009151115
Vertical Travemm650800800
Horizontal Travel of Side Tool Postmm630630630
Vertical Travelmm9009001150
Crossbeam Travelmm650650890
Vertical Limit Degree303030
Vertical Quick Moving Speedm/minute1.81.81.8
Beam Up Down Speedm/minute0.440.440.44
Size of Tool Shank(W*H)mm30×4030×4030×40
Main Motor Powerkw223030
Feeding Motor Powerkw3/1.73/1.73/1.7
Overall Dimension L*W*Hmm2660× 2660 ×34033135× 3070×35283135 ×3070 ×3915
Weight  T81217.5

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