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Название:CNC Lathes (WLK0232)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Machine Feature
The WLK series precision CNC lathe is flexible in configuration which made it possible to meet various customized requirement. The compact structure and high working accuracy is another highlight for WLK series

1) Linear gang tool layout is a standard version. Tool holder could be flexibly combined to meet various cutting requirement. Multiple stations turret and/or live tool holder are provided as options.
2) Two types of machine bases are available: Integrated cast iron machine base provides high strength, high rigidity and low vibration while artificial granite base features high damp coefficient and low heat conductivity coefficient
3) There are two types of workpiece holding: One is by spring collet(WLK02 series), the other is by precision pneumatic or hydraulic chuck.
4) Built-in motor spindle is adopted for high speed and balanced rotation.

5) Precision linear rolling guideway for X and Z-axis to ensure the positioning accuracy and rapid feedrate.
6) Various control systems like FANUC, Siemens and etc. Are provided for customer's selection.
7) Operational comfortability, maintenance accessibility and bright machine outlook are deliberately combined on WLK series
8) It is widely used in various industries which require O. D turning, drilling, tapping, boring, threading, slotting etc.
8) Wide applications: Multimachining functions such as OD/ID turning, boring, slotting, cutting-off, thread turning, drilling and tapping.

WLK0220 WLK0232 WLK0425
Max bar capacity (mm) 20 32  
Max turning diameter   (mm)     100
Max swing over bed  (mm)     250
Max turning length   (mm) 100 100 100
Max spindle speed(r/min)   8000 6000 4000
Main motor power          (KW) 3.7 5.5 5.5
Max drilling diameter    (mm) 10 12 12
Max threading ability   (mm) M6 M8 M8
Tool capacity O.D tools 5 5 5
Hole maching 2 3 2
Tool holder dimension    (mm) 12×100 to 120 16×100 to 120 12×100 to 120
X-axis travel 220 320 220
Z-axis travel 180 180 150
Positioning accuracy           (mm) X: 0.004   Z:0.005
Repeatability            (mm) X: 0.002      Z:0.0025
X/Y/Z increment         (mm) 0.001
Rapid feed rate           (m/min) 24
Servo motor torque      (N.m) X: 4      Z: 4
Overall dimension        (cm)  169×119.5×138
Net weight              (Kg) 2000

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