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Название:Lathe Machine (XKN5225/XKN5230)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

1. The milling head can be swiveled to a vertical position or to a horizontal position in the vertical plane of the RAM.
The RAM can be swiveled or slidden forwards or backwards on the column.
The worktable can be raised up or lowered down.
2. The spindle runs at an infinitely variable speed through a mechanical transmis sion system and works with a high transmission torque.
3. All the CNC axes are arranged with high-precision ballscrews. The worktable slideways are coated with teflon while their guideways are supersonic hardened.
4. The X-& Y-axis are for moving the worktable and the Z-axis is for actuating the raising up or lowering down movement of the spindle quill. The drive to 3 axes is transmitted from their respective step motors. And the 3 exes can be moved simultaneously to complete the linear or the circular interpolation.
5. The machine can be equipped with a Chinese CNC system or an imported CNC system upon request.

Worktable size1270*254mm1370*305mm
Max. travel, X-ais860mm780mm
Vertical travel of worktable400mm450mm
Distance from the spindle nose to the machine bed0-458mm10-540mm
Distance from the spindle center line to the machine bed172-756mm172-756mm
Power of main drive motor2.2Kkw3.75kw
Rapid travel speed50005000
Spindle speeds80-5440    16speed70-3660   16speed
Cone of spindle boreR8NT40mm
Pulse equivalent, X-axis0.01mm/0.001mm0.01mm/0.001mm
Y- axis0.01mm/0.001mm0.01mm/0.001mm
Z- axis0.005mm/0.001mm0.005mm/0.001mm
Working power380/50v/hz380/50v/hz
Net weight1350kg2200kg
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)2040*1780*21872040*1780*2187

Сайт поставщика: madeinchina.com

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  • изготовление валов,валков,подшипников скольжения,втулок(баббитовых,бронзовых,латунных,фторопластовых) и др. деталей по вашим чертежам или изделиям.
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