Общие сведения
Название:Pipe Lathe Cw6636
Торговая марка:SJMC
Класс точности:Обычной точности
Автоматизация:Ручной режим
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

This model designed to meet the special requirements of users in the petroleum, geological, mining and chemical industries, and in agricultural irrigation and drainage, it is able to cut various straight and taper pipe threads of union joints, drill rods, casting pipes, drain pipes, well castings and water pump pipes more economically and efficiently as compared with the engine lathe, however, it may serve as an engine lathe to cut various metric, withworth and module threads, shafts and disks. After all it is an ideal machine for the petroleum, mining geological, chemical and agricultural industries

1. The machine is equipped with a tapering unit which can work out a 1: 5 taper
2. The machine is able to cut both metric and with threads without changing the translating gear.
3. The dripping worm in the apron can protect the mechanisms of the lathe automatically.
4. The guide way is hardened and finely finished.
5. The great power of the machine is competent at heavy load and power cutting
6. The floor center rest can be moved freely as required by the user. The center rest is provided with an adjustable clamp unit for long pipes, greatly reducing intensity of labour.
7. The 4-jaw head stock offers free clamp of both short and long pipes.

Max swing over bed
Max swing over turret
Spindle bore
Range of spindle speed
6.3 – 315 rpm
Chuck diameter (front & rear)
Min clamping diameter of chuck
Metric thread (pitch)
Module thread
Diametrical thread
Rapid traverse of turret
3740mm /min
Max machining length of taper the scale
Turning tpaer
1: 4
Diameter of tailstock sleeve
Power of main motor

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