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Название:W11-2200tonsx18000mm 3r Ship-Used Plate
Торговая марка:SLJS
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Гибочный станок
Product Description

Core technology and innovation

The core technology of this project and the main innovations are as follows:

1. Automatic compensation of deflection: When machine is working, the deformation of bottom-roller and beam can be checked through the laser displacement sensor placed on the datum-frame, then sent the feedback to the electrical system which controls the compensation device between beam and working-roller to compensate working-roller for the purpose of making the work- piece gain a perfect straightness in the whole unit.

2. The ant-vibration system for upper roller: Considering the working-roller length is 12m-22m, moreover, in the process of quickly up and down will emerge the phenomenon of bounce vibration. To solve the problems of vibration on top roller, we have designed the system above.

3. Low energy consumption high efficiency design: We have designed a set of integrated tank on the top of the frame to reduce the energy consumption. The tank can not only store the oil, but also increase the thickness of top beam on the frame to improve the deformation of frame. Another advantage of placing tank on the top of frame cylinder is that the surge check valve can be open with the help of weight of beam and top roller themselves, drop rate at 3000mm/min, effectively improve the efficiency of the equipment, reduce the consumption of hydraulic system.

4. Multi-functional: This equipment's two bottom roller are linked by the driven system, then the bottom roller can form the plate to circular arc and taper or other flexure plane. Adding the mould can level the Hull groove plate and steel plate.

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