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Название:Manual Surface Grinder
Торговая марка:SMAC
Тип:?лифовальный станок
Product Description

1) The machine can grind various surfaces and complicated profiles. It is especially suitable for the cases which needn power feed.
2) The spindle and leadscrew is imported. Which possesses high precision and long life.
3) Mutiple labyrinth seal is used on spindle quill. It is water-proof and dustproof.
4) Rolling ball guideway is used on longitudinal direction. It is light, convenient and flexible.
5) Double v type guideways, which coated with rucite-bre used on crosswise.
6) They possess good guideness and smooth movement., 7) Vertical handwheel is fixed on bed which is convenient for users to operated.
8) Manual oil pump lubricates all moveable parts centrally.

Standard Accessories
Wheel (200 x 13 x 31.75) 1, Balancing arbor 1, Hoisting set 1, Monkey spanner 1, Wheel chuck 1, Wheek dresser 1, Levelling screw and block 3
Tool box and special wrench 1, Illumination lamp 1, Coolant system 1

Optional Accessories
Permanent magnetic chuck 1, Dust collector 1, Wheel balancing stand 1, Cooling and dust collecting equipment 1

Max. width to be ground mm165220
Max. length to be ground mm470
Max. height to be ground mm350
Table size mm150 x 460210 x 450
Max. distance from table surface to spindle centermm450
Feed of vertical handwheelPer revmm1
Per divmm0.005
Grinding wheel size (OD x W x ID)mm200 x 13 x 31.75
Spindle speedr/min60Hz: 34500Hz: 2850
Power of spindle motorkw2HP/2P
Machine weightkg(About) 720(About) 800
Package dimension (L x W x H)mm1153 x 1373 x 19701153 x 14131 x 1970

Сайт поставщика: madeinchina.com

Наши услуги:

  • восстановление изношенных деталей;
  • цветной и нержавеющий прокат со склада в Ростове-на-Дону;
  • механическая обработка металлов( токарные и фрезерные работы);
  • изготовление валов,валков,подшипников скольжения,втулок(баббитовых,бронзовых,латунных,фторопластовых) и др. деталей по вашим чертежам или изделиям.
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