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Название:Cylindrical Grinder (M1450B)
Торговая марка:THL
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Product Description

1. Model M1450B universal cylindrical grinder is an improved version, renovated in design and structure from the basic Model M1450A, operated dunder the control of electric and hydraulic systems or by manual intervention. It is suitable for grinding extemal and internal cylindrical or conical surfaces of rotational parts in single-kind, and small batch production.

2. The table longitudinal traverse is actuated hydraulically at infinitely variable speed or operated by hands. The rapid approach and withdrawl, the intermittent micro infeed of the wheelhead are also effected by hydraulicmeans. In addition, the latter can by manually operated in corarse or fine infeed mode. All the above power funtions are accomplished by push-buttons, electrical and hydraulic control.

3. The structure of workhead spindle employs a rolling and a sliding bearing with their clearance adjustable. It is suitable for various grinding between centers or on chucks. The workhead canbe swivelled counterclockwise with in 90° . And by swiveling either the wokhead or work table or wheelhead, the external and internal surfaces of workpiece with different taper can be ground.

4. The worktable and wheelhead guideways are hydrostatically lubricated. The grinding whell spindle runs in a pair of partial journal bearings, each of which consists of three tilting segmental shoes. The internal grinding attachment bracket on the wheelhead can be turned down for grinding internal parts and multi-sets of extension bars are attached for option.

5. Workpiece, external and internal grinding wheels, hydraulic pump and coolant pump are all driven separately by their individual motors.

6. Each motion part of the grinder is controlled by electric and hydraulic interlocking mechanism. The external and internal wheel covers are strong and reliable, thus the grinder can be operated with ease and safety.

Grinding O.D.dia Φ25~500mm
Grinding I.D.dia Φ30~200mm
Max. grinding length(O.D./I.D.) 1000,1500,2000,3000/320mm
Max. workpiece weight 2000kg
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.) Φ500×75×Φ305mm
Wheel speed 1330,665 r/min
Internal grinding attachment speed 10000,6000,4200,3000r/min
Center height 270mm
Max. worktable traverse 1000,1500,2000,3000mm
Max. worktable travel speed 0.1~3 m/min
Wheel peripheral velocity 35 m/sec
Wheelhead rapid approach and with drawal traverse 100 mm
Automatic intermittent infeed(fine/coarse) 0.02/0.0025mm
Manual microfeed(fine/coarse) 0.02/0.0025mm
Hydraulic pump displacement 25 mL/r
Hydraulic pump pressure 2.5Mpa
Coolant flow 50 L/min
Total motor power 15.8kw
Wheel head motor power Cylindrical :5/7.5,Inner Circle :1.5
weight(Almost) 8000,8600,9900,11350kg
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (4920,6020,8620,10240)×2620×160

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