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Название:CNC Lathes (CK6130)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CK Series CNC lathes is my plant based on market demand, combined with our factory for many years experience of CNC lathe production for plumbing sanitary ware, auto parts manufacturing industry to develop a new generation CNC lathe, the lathe CNC system membership in order to achieve automatic control, can automatically complete the various kinds of parts inside and outside the circle, face, groove, arbitrary cone, sphere, and a variety of cylindrical, conical thread and other processing is widely used in plumbing, sanitary ware, automotive, bearing and other industries in high-volume precision parts manufacturing.

1. This machine uses CNC system and servo motor drive CNC lathes, auto-complete turned a variety of cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, inner hole, groove features such as a variety of thead.
2. Is whidely used in electrical instruments, automobbiles, motorcycles, household appliances, plumbing parts and other industries in the trachea processing and manufacturing high-prescision parts.

Product Features
This series of machines are used Guideway special wear-resistant treatment, improved the precision of retention.

1, High-speed, high-precision, high rigidity and temperature stability of the spindle system.
2, Spindle bearings, oil lubricated with high temperature resistance and long service life.
3, Full closure of internal and external protection.
4, According to customer requirments hydraulic, pneumatic, manual clamping device.

Technology Parameters          
Item Content Units Parameters
The ability to work Max machinning swing diameter above extension unit mm 160
Max machinning swing diameter above lathe bed mm 360
Max machinning length mm 450
Max length of turning    
Spindle Spindle speeds(automactic) rpm 700/920/1400
Stroke Max Stroke of X axis mm 280
Max feed speed mm/min X axis:4000(Step)
  mm/min Z axis:6000(Step)
  mm/min X axis:5000(Servo)
  mm/min Z axis:8000(Servo)
Motor Main motor power KW 3-4
Cooling Pump Motor KW 0.09
Pneumatic Tailstock      
Knife Electric toolrest position mm 4or6
Electric toolrest positioning accuracy mm less than 0.003
Tailstock Max stroke of sleeve mm 120
Sleeve Bore Taper angle MT 4#
General Specifications          
Hydraulic Three-jaw          
Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder          
Other  Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1600(L)X1100(W)X1650(H)
Net weight Kg 1700

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