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Название:Knee Type Vertical Milling Machine X5040
Торговая марка:Shuangyang
Класс точности:Обычной точности
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

The machine is suitable to process plane, bevel, groove and so on by various of milling cutters. I t can process workpieces in high speed under heavy load for enough power and stiffness.
Wide Use(Suitable to various of milling cutters of different shapes to process plane, bevel, groove, gear, reamer bit and so on, also it can be fitted with round workbench to process cam and arc groove, which is suitable to all kinds of enterprises from small-scale machinery repair station to large-scale car factories)

Features and working principle:
Enough stiffness to under heavy load processing/
Enough power and widespread variation ratio, can fully play the function of cutters, high speed cutting by using tungsten carbide tool.
Front and left of machine, each with a set of electric switches and operation handles with same function (I, e, combined operating mechanism) to make worker choose the most convenient position to work.
Spindle speed-changing and feed speed changing mechanism equipped with impulse mechanism, convenient for speed changing.
Obvious button to control the start, stop and fast travelling, feed of workbench by handle, feed direction the same with that of operating handle, use variable-speed disk to choose the spindle speed and feed range.
Important parts for moving of machine are made of alloy steel, parts of the easily worn-out is made of wear-proof materials, guild ways with anti-scrap mechanism, which assure the enough long life of machine.
Parts of the easily worn-out with adjustment mechanism of backlash eliminator to assure the accuracy and stable working.
Fine safety mechanism, between manual feed and motorise feed with mutual interlocking gear. In the condition of large feed and overload by error, the fiction plate of magnetic clutch can automatic skid to protect the components from damaging, simultaneously, assure the safe of the operator.
Brake effective and very fast, when completing or other reason, need to stop, press the stop button, all movements of machine stop immediately.
It can do down and up milling.
Workbench can fast move in three directions(longitudinal\transversal and vertical), reduce the auxiliary time and promote the production efficiency.
Transversal and vertical moving of workbench, centrally operated by a handle, operator control the two directional moving of the workbench by the handle.
Perfect lubrication system, important moving components and bearings are automatically lubricated by motorized oil pump, simultaneously with indicator for frequent checking. Places needed to lubricate by hand, the filling-up areas locate at obvious positions.
All important transmission shafts and spindles assembled on rolling bearing, to promote transmission efficiency, the rolling bear on spindle can be adjusted to assure the spindle accuracy.

Description   X5040
Working surface(WxL) M m 400X1600
Max.load K g 800
No of T-slots   3
Width of T-slots M m 18
Space between T-slots M m 90
Maximum swivel   +450
Longitudinal(manual/auto) M m 900/880
Cross (manual/auto) M m 315/300
V ertical(manual/auto) M m 385/300
Taper ISO 7:24 No.50
S peed range M m/min 30-1500
S peed step   18
D istance between spindle nose and table surface min/max M m 30/500
D istance between vertical guide way and center line of the spindle M m 450
C utting feed speed M m/min X:19-950,Y:12.6-635,Z:6.3-317
R apid feed speed M m/min X:2300 ,Y:1540 Z:770
F eed steps   18
P ower of spindle motor KW 11
P ower of feed motor KW 3
O verall dimesions of machine(LxWxH) M m 2556X2159X2298

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