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Название:Heavy Duty Lathe (GH61140J / GH61160J)
Модель:GH61140J / GH61160J
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description


This series lathes are improved from original model design, new standards are adopted. After improvement, rigidity of spindle system is enhanced and is suitable for powerful and high speed cutting. Feed of carriage in longitudinal and cross are fined, thus the surface quality of parts is improved. The machine is available for turning cylinder and cones, and do the works of end turning, grooving, drilling, boring and trepanning, and also can cut all kinds of inside and outside metric threads, inch threads, module threads, etc.

The machine is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation, low noise and high efficiency, and is also provided a complete set of accessories. The machine is especially suitable for various machining industry, such as machine building industry, light-textile industry, petrochemical industry, valve industry, roll industry and so on.

Swing Over Bed:1400mm
1600mm4-jaw 1250(1400)mm chuck
Swing Over Gap:(GH62100T)--
Follow rest      70~200mm
Swing over carriage:
1250mmRevolving center
Max. turning length:1000~12000mmOil gun
Max. weight of workpiece between centers:6000kgSpecial tools
Width of the bed:755mm 30 "Center sleeve
Spindle noses No.:1:20
Steady rest    70~600mm
Diameter of spindle front bearing:200mm 8 "Auto travel of carriage
Diameter of spindle hole:100mm 4"Auto travel of cross slide
Taper hole of spindle:Metric No.140OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
Number of spindle speeds:12Digital readout device
Range of spindle speeds:4.25~192rpmOpen type steady rest   480~880mm
Main motor power:AC 22 KWGrinder
Workpiece held on the steady rest70~480mmAuto travel of compound slide
Section of tool shank:45 x 45mm 1.8" x 1.8"
Max. travel of top slide350mm 
Rapid moving speed of tool postLongitudinal 1.2m/min 
 Cross 0.6m/min 
Metric Threads number and range:46,1~224mm 
Inch threads number and range:46,28 ~ 1T.P.I. 
Modul threads number and range:37,0.25 ~ 56mm 
Number and range of longitudinal feeds:48,0.057 ~ 12.726mm/rev 
Number and range of transverse feeds:48,0.027 ~ 6.096mm/rev 
Diameter of Tailstock Quill:140mm 
Taper hole of tailstock Quill:Morse No.6 
Travel of tailstock quill:300mm 12" 
Weight of the lathe with 5m17000kg19000kg 
Overall dimension(L x W x H)(5m)8440x2230x2155mm8440x2230x2280mm 

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