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Название:Lathe (GH1640Z / GH1660Z / GH1860Z / GH1
Модель:GH1640Z / GH1660Z / GH1860Z / GH1880Z
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description


The surface of the bedways is hardened and precision ground. The design of the main drive is optimized and the gears in the headstock are precision ground.

The spindle bore size is 80mm. The spindle system is high in rigidity and accuracy. There is no vibration when turning with a cutting depth of 10mm.

There is no need of changing gears. The machine can turn about 200 kinds of metric, whitworth, module and D. P. Threads including special whitworth threads such as 7-1/2, 9-1/2, 10-1/2, 11, 11-1/2, 13, 13-1/2, 19, 27t. P. I. And pipe threads.

An automatic stopping device is used to realize automatic stop for the machining of a certain length workpiece, which is safe and reliable. A pedal or electromagnetic braking device stops the machine quickly and effectively.

Max. swing over bed:460mm   18"
410mm   16"
10" 3 jaw chuck
Max. swing over carriage:290mm  10-4/5"
250mm   10"
12" 4 jaw chuck
Max. swing in gap:
700mm  27-1/2"
660mm   26"
Face plate
Max. length of workpiece:1500mm2000mm1000mm1500mmMorse reduction sleeve M.T.No.7/5
Effective gap length:200mm  8"Centers M.T.No.4,M.T.No.5
Width of Bed:335mm 13"Wrenches
Spindle bore:
80mm  3-1/8"
Steady rest
Spindle taper of bore:M. T. No7
Follow rest
Spindle number of speeds:
12Four way tool post
Spindle range of speeds:42-1800r.p.m  or  25-1800r.p.m 
Range of feeds longitudinal: 0.04-2.46mm 0.0015"-0.0913" 
Range of feeds cross:0.03-1.23mm 0.0006"-0.0365" 
Tailstock sleeve quill diameter:75mm   3"OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
Tailstock sleeve taper of bore:M. T. No5M. T. No4Chuck guard & Leadscrew cover
Tailstock sleeve Max. traverse:130mm   5"Collet attachment
Max. travel of compound rest:100mm   4"Taper attachment
Max. cross slide travel:230mm   9"10" drive plate
Max. size of  tool shank (W x H):25 x 25mm (1" x 1")Digital readout device  
Power of main motor:7.5Kw 10HPQuick change tool post
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)3320x1000x1295mm2810x1000x1275mm
Net weight:3055Kg 6729lbs2630Kg 5792lbs 

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