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Название:Large Heavy-Duty CNC Milling Machine (VF
Торговая марка:datian
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

*heavey-duty CNC milling machine
*X/y/z axis travel/mm: 1800*920*700/920
*Worktable size/mm: 1900*900
Machine features:
1)The machines have assimilated advanced American and Japanese technology and manufacturing standard, and ANSYS and NANSTRAN finite element analysis are adopted on critical parts, improving and optimizing overall machine structure;

2)With the adoption of four-guideway in the machine, the machines have outstanding rigidity and stability. Main parts are made of Meehanite casting iron with excellent heat treatment and the material is in stable state. Hard guideway are treated with ultraconic frequency quenching and precise grinding. Upper surface guideways are covered with wear-resistant material for long-term stable accuracy;

3)The particular design"arch"shape column and servo motor set backward on Y axis have built up top rigidity and convenient operation.

4)The transmission of triple axes have adopted C3 grade precise ballscrew. The positioning accuracy of machine is ensured with laser-based measuring, bar ball test and μ Bidirectional pitch compensation;

5)High speed precise spindle is driven by high speed silencing belt with gear; Secondary dynamic balance is done on main spindle, resulting a high revolution accuracy with low vibration and high surface processing;
6)German ZF two speed main spindle gearbox and Taiwan two-speed inner-gear spindle box are recommended to enhance the cutting torque of main spindle for heavy cutting;

7)The machine can be equipped with multi-axial boring and multi-axial drilling spindle box to achieve effective processing with multi-cutter and multi-spindle, which reflect innovative integration of machining center with advanced technology of combinated machines;

8)The machine tool can optionally choose NC bidirectionally rotary table and top grade NC system, which can achieve 5-axis linkage with high performance.

Machine main configuration:
1. Control system: Fanuc 0I md,
2. Arm type A. T. C system with 24 tools
4. Screw rod chip removal system
5. Heat exchanger
6. Pre-loaded screw rod
7. Automacti lubrication system
8. Work& alarm lamps
9. Rigid tapping
10. Steel telescopic covers for guide rails
11. Dust-proof electrical cabinet
12. Leveling bolts and nuts
13. 220/380V, 50Hz/60Hz transformer
14. Belt-type 6000rpm spindle, BT 50 taper,
15. Spindle air blast;
16. Fully enclosed splash guard
17. Device for clamping/releasing tool
18. Cutting fluid system and coolant system
19. Box type guide rails

                                              Model No.

X axis travel/mm
Y axis travel/mm
Z axis travel/mm
Spindle nose to table surface/mm
Spindle nose to column surface/mm

Table size/(L*W)
Max load on the table/kgs
T-slot size/mm

Spindle speed/rpm
Spindle taper/spindle shank
Max spindle inner diameter/mm
Spindle motor(30 mins,mitsubishi)/kw

X,Y,Z rapid traverse/M/min
Max cutting feedrate(M/min)

Guideways types
box type guideway
Tool storage capacity/pcs
 Arm type 24
Max tool dia(adjacent tools)/mm
Max tool length/mm
Max tool weight/kgs
Tool change time(T-T)/sec

Positioning accuracy/mm
0.015 ≤ 2000
Repeatability positioning accuracy/mm

Machine size
Machine height/mm
Space requirement(L*W)
Net machine weight/kgs
Power requirement/KVA
Air pressure/kg/cm 2
Drive motor/kw
Control system
F-oi MD/M70

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