Общие сведения
Название:Economical CNC Machining Center (MC713C,
Торговая марка:datian
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Многофункциональный центр
Product Description

Machine features for MC series

1)high precise CNC machining center;

2)MC71 series machine are popular machining center, and have many kinds of configuration and functions and can satisfy different user's demands with high performance-to-price ratio;

3)MC71 series machining center selects premium resin sand casting from Taiwan to make the machine body, and their guideways go through audio quenching treatment and precise grinding, and the machines configure with high performance-to-price ratio function unit including main spindle from Taiwan, A. T. C and pneumatic cylinder ect.

4)MC71 series machining center is suitable for the medium precision component processing and can save investment and use cost, and also enables the user to have the relative cost superiority, which offer a strong competitive edges;

5)MC71 series machining center can adopt mechanic slowndown and increase 2-8 times cutting torque, enabling it to be suitable for drilling, tapping with large torque and the processing on steel material.

6)MC 71 series machining center has the structural characteristics of modularizaion and combination in numerical control. The system can be Japanese Mitsubishhi, LNC from Taiwan and so on. The A. T. C can be armless type or drum or no A. T. C is adopted in the machine. It can work with numerical control dividing head, rotary table, electrical indexing head, high quality-to-ratio appendix and advantage cutting tools.

Model No. MC 713A MC 713C MC 714C MC 715C
X axisi travel/mm 400 500 800 800
Y axisi travel/mm 300 360 400 500
Z axisi travel/mm 250 450 500 500
Spindle nose
to worktable/mm
240-490 100-550 100-600 100-600
Overall demension/mm 1800×2100×2300 2200×2000×2100 2300*2030*2400 2540*2140*2400
Net machine weight kg 2500 2800 5000 5500
Worktable size ( L*W ) /mm 500×320 850×320 800*400 1050*500
T-slot/mm 3×14×80 3×14×80 3*14*110 3*14*110
Max load on table/kg 120 150 400 500
Control system
Spindle speed/rpm 200~8000 200~8000 200-8000 200-8000
Spindle taper BT30 BT40 BT40 BT40
Feeding system
X,Y,Z rapid
traverse (m/min)
20/20/20 10/10/10 12/12/12 12/12/12
Max cutting feedrate (m/min) 12 8 10 10
Guideway type Linear guideway Hard guideway Hard guideway Hard guideway
Tool storage capacity 10 10 16 16
Tool type Armless type Armless type Armless type Armless type
Max tool diameter/mm Φ92 Φ120 Φ130 Φ1300
Max tool length/mm 150 150 250 250
Tool change time/s 7 7 7 7
Pulse equivalent/mm 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001
Repeatability positioning
accuracy/ mm
0.005/0.01 0.005/0.01 0.005/0.01 0.005/0.01
Pressurekg/cm 6 6 6 6
Electrical system
Spindle motor/kw 3 3.7 7.5 7.5
X/Y/Z axis motor/kw 1 kw servo motor,
with brake on Z axis
1 kw servo motor,
with brake on Z axis
1.5/2.3kw servo motor,
with brake on Z axis
1.5/2.3kw servo motor,
with brake on Z axis
Automatic lubrication pump/w 3 3 3 3
Cooling pump/kw 0.6,dia: 1” 0.6,dia: 1” 0.6,dia: 1” 0.6,dia: 1”
Ballscrew type 3210 double   bearings 3206 double  bearings 4010 double bearings 4010 double  bearings
Max torque/N.m  20 20 50 50

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  • изготовление валов,валков,подшипников скольжения,втулок(баббитовых,бронзовых,латунных,фторопластовых) и др. деталей по вашим чертежам или изделиям.
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