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Название:CNC Pipe Threading Lathe (PTQKA120/190/3
Торговая марка:Poly Top
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

1. Tube processing CNC machine with dual chuck that accepts long tubes;
2. They are suitable for the turning of various kinds of pipe threads, and are also can be as universal CNC lathes;
3. Very large spindle capacity: 120, 190, 340mm;
4. Powerful drive motors for efficient;
5. Heavy construction for excellent machining performance;
6. Extremely exact tool positioning;
7. High flexibility for efficient machining from small to medium-sized batches;
8. Easy programming of the control and user-friendly operation;
9. Allow machining of verious tube types;
10. These CNC pipe thread lathes are controlled by semi-closed circle controlling systems;
11. Suitable for the turning of circum gyration bodies of various curving generatrixes, the turning distinguish ability is 0.001mm;
12. Can be used to the turning of cylindrical and conical threads, and threads connected continuously by them, and end face threads as well, They have functions of automatic tool compensation, rough-turned piece circle, thread-cutting circle, slotting circle, and absolute zero can be set at your will.

Standard accessories:
*Fanuc 0I-TC control with Manual guide 0I
*Inside and outside 4 jaw chuck
*Tailstock with motor
*Autom. 4-station tool changer
*Automatic lubrication
*Work lamps
*Cooling system
*Guard door
*Operating tools
*Operation manual

Optional accessories:
*Steady rest 50-420mm
*Follow rest 50-220mm

Max. cutting pipe dia.mm120190340
Swing over bed mm7701100
Swing over carriagemm480730
Width of bedmm550755
Max. length of work piecemm1000/1500/2000/3000/50001500/3000/5000
Max. cutting lengthmm800/1350/1800/2800/48001300/2800/4800
Taper hole of spindlemm140213412
Diameter of spindle thru holemm130200355
Type of main spindle center 391453914539150
Main spindle motorkw1118.5 
Number of spindle speeds MANUL-3MANUL-2AUTO-4
Range of spindle speedsrpm25-80090-4505-320
Max Travel of cross slidemm400540
Travel of tailstock quillmm250300
Quill taper hole  M5M6
Quill diameter  mm100mm160mm
Machine overall size and weight
Max. weight of work piecekg15005000
Dimension (L /W/H)  mm3227,3677,4177,5177/1800/1850 
Net weight kg3900/4200/4700/52009.00011E+13
Size of turretmm240mm×240mm   300mm×300mm
Size of cutter cross sectionmm32mm×32mm40mm×40mm
Position number of turret 44
Max. allowable cutting force  P zN19600N29400N
Max. allowable force for longitudinal feed  P xN7840N  11760N
Max. allowable force for longitudinal feed  P xN5438N8157N
Hydraulic and lubrication system
Device of automatic lubrication AMO-II-150SAMO-III-150S
Model of gear pump CB-B6CB—B6
Rated pressure of gear pumpMPa2.54MPa(25kgf/cm2)2.54MPa(25kgf/cm2)
Flow rate of gear pumpL/min6L/min6L/min
Working pressure of oil chuckMPa0.98-2.54MPa(10-25kgf/cm2)0.98-1.176MPa (10-12kgf/cm2)
Cooling system
Model of cooling pump AOB-25JCB-45
Power of cooling motorW90W150W
Flow rate of cooling pumpL/min25L/min45L/min
Driving system
Model of main motor (frequency conversion) YI60M-4-B3UABP180L-4-33.3-18.5-1MB3
Main motor powerKW11KW18.5KW
Rotational speed of motorr/min1460r/min960 r/min
Model of V-belt B1855B1080C1860
Number of V-belt 4 pieces5 pieces

Max. cutting pipe dia.mm260
Swing over bed mm1000
Swing over carriagemm630
Width of bedmm755
Max. length of work piecemm1500/3000/5000
Max. cutting lengthmm1350/2800/4800
Spindle nosemmA215
Step of spindle speedThree phrase asyn-chronous motor      
Variable frequency speed motor   AUTO-4
Range of spindle speedsThree phrase asyn-chronous motor      
Variable frequency speed motor   6-400
Power of main motorThree phrase asyn-chronous motorkW   
Variable frequency speed motorkW18.5
Spindle boremm275
Center height from bedmm500
Chuck typeManual   4 jaw 630 mm
Dia. of tailstock quillmm   
Quill taper hole       
Travel of tailstock quillmm   
Feed motion
Minimum feed increament of X/Z axismm0.001/0.001
Rapid speeds of X/Z axismm3000/6000
Maximun travel of X axismm630
Size of turretV4mm300mm×300mm
Size of cutter cross sectionmm40mm×40mm
Turret indexing times4
Indexing repeatabiltymm0.01
Accuracy and acceptance condititions
Working accuracy   IT6-7
Surface roughness   Ra1.6
Acceptance condititions   JB/T8324.1-96
Machine overall size and weight
Machine masskgs9000/1000/13000

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