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Название:CNC Machine Lathe (ISO9001: 2000, CE) (C
Модель:CK Series/CK6130
Торговая марка:KINON
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CK6130 CNC Lathe(ISO9001: 2000, CE)
1. Broad Application
*Application Field: Instruments, Electronic Connector, Medical Apparatus etc.
*Machining Range: Short Spindle, Small Disk, High-precision Curve Surface, MF and BSF etc.
*Machining Shape: Cylinder, Cone, Tower-shape, Pear-shape, Pipe &Taper Screw Thread etc.
2. High Precision:
*Machining Class: Precise Class
*Machining Precision: 0.01mm
*Min. Setting Unit: 0.001mm
3. High Rigid:
*Guideway Forged by Cast Iron
*Ultrasonic Frequency Quenched Guide Way
*Guide Way Grinded Precisely by Special Guide Way
4. High Stability:
*Full-enclosed Cover
*Integral Casted Bed
*Precise Rigid Bearing(Import from USA&Japan)
*4kw Spindle Motor
5. High Efficiency:
*X. Z Axes Can be Driven Directly
*Spring Collect Clamping

Standard Configuration:
* GSK CNC System
* GSK X. Z Axes Feeding Motor and Driver(Step or Servo)
* Two Speed or Frequency Conversion Spindle Motor(200-3000rpm)
* Precise Pneumatic Collet &Manual 3-jaw Chuck
* Long Gang Tool Carriage or 4 station Electric Tool Post
* Manual Tailstock
* Automatic Lubrication
* Thread Function
* Hand Wheel
* Manual or Automatic Lubrication System
* Coolant Pump
* Working Lamp
* INVT Inverter or MITSUBISHI Inverter
* Limited Switch
* Added Coolant Fans(Suitable for Tropic Zone)
* RS232 Communication Cable& Communication Software(Can be used to connect CNC Controller with PC)
* Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories:
* Precise Spring Collet (1 PC)(can be installed special collet as customer's requirement)
* Adjusting Screw Bolt and Iron Pad(1 set)(To be installed on machine)
*Tool Holder Spanner(1 PC)
*Open-ended Spanner(2PCS)
*Allen Wrench(3PCS)
*Cross Head Screw Driver(1PC)
*Flat Tip Screw Driver(1PC)
*Fuse Tube(3PCS)
*Manual 3-jaw Chuck(Installed on machine) & Jaw(3 PCS)& Chuck Wrench(1PC)+ Flange(1PC)(Installed on the machine)
*Gang Tool Holders(3PCS) (only for Gang Tool Carriage)
*Full set Operation& Maintenance Instruction Manual for CNC Lathe and CNC System, Inverter etc.

Optional Configuration:
* CNC System required by Customers.
* New Type Hollow Rotary Air Cylinder Clamping(Can support Front-push or Back-pull Collet Device)
* Bar Feeder(1m/2m/3m)
* Follow Rest
* 6 station Electric Tool Turret(together with 3PCS Square Tool Holders 16*20mm, 3PCS Round Tool Holders Dia.: 12mm)
* Electric Spindle( speed can reach more than 5000rpm)
* Hydraulic Chuck System(Taiwan CHANDOX brand High Speed Hollow Chuck together with Taiwan CHANDOX brand High Speed Hollow Rotary Oil Cylinder& Hydraulic Power& Flange)
* Hydraulic Tailstock
* Pneumatic Chuck System(High Speed Hollow Chuck together with Hollow Rotary Air Cylinder& Flange)
* Pneumatic Tailstock
* Manual 4-jaw Independent Chuck +Flange Plate
* Tools (Especial Tools for CNC Lathe, also be called Instrument, one instrument with one Indexable Insert)
* More Collets
* More Gang Tool Holders

Item                  Specifications Unit                 Parameter
Max. Swing Dia. over Bed mm Φ340          
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide mm Φ 150 (4 station Electric Tool Post );
Φ90 (Gang Tool Holder) 
Max. Through Dia. Of Bar mm Φ38   
Max. Machining Length mm 360
Thread Range Metric mm 0.25-100
Inch TPI 100-4
Speed Range Two Speed r/min 960/1440
Frequency Conversion r/min 200-3000
Spindle Bore mm Φ52
Taper of Spindle ° 40°
Tube Bore mm Φ40
Chuck Dia. mm Φ160
Power of Spindle Motor kw  4
Clamping Device
Standard: Penumatic Collet & Manual 3-jaw Chuck
Optional: Pneumatic Chuck or Hydraulic Chuck or Hydraulic Collet
  X.Z Axes
Travel of X-axes mm 200
Travel of Zaxes mm 450
Feeding Speed of X-axes(Servo) mm/min 6000
Feeding Speed of Z-axes(Servo) mm/min 8000
Power of X-axes Motor(Servo) kw 1
Power of Z-axes Motor(Servo) kw 1
Torque of X-axes Motor(Servo) N·m 4
Torque of Z-axes Motor(Servo) N·m 4
Min. Setting Unit of X-axes mm 0.001
Min. Setting Unit of Z-axes mm 0.001
  Tool Post
Type of Tool Post ---- Standard: Gang Tool Carriage or 4 station Electric Tool Post
Optional: 6-station Horizontal Electric Tool Turret
No. of Tool pc 4/6
Size of Tool Shank mm 20×20
Hydraulic System(Optional)
Nominal Pressure          Mpa 7
Oil-box Volume L 70
Power of Hydraulic Pump Motor kw 1.5
Dia. Of Tailstock Quill mm Φ55
Travel of Tailstock Quill mm 100
Taper of Tailstock Quill ---- MT4#
Power of Lubrication Oil Pump Motor W 100
Power of Coolant Pump Motor W 90
Overall Dimension mm 1600(L)×1100(W)×1800(H) 
Net Weight Kg 1600
CNC System
Made-in-china( Taiwan ):
LNC: LNC T320i, LNC T510

Сайт поставщика: madeinchina.com

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