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Название:Small Hole Drilling EDM Machine (DB703)
Торговая марка:Baoma
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Сверлильный станок
Product Description

Table Size: 436x316mm
Table Travel: 300x400mm
Drilling depth: 0-300mm
Drill Diameter: 0.3-3.0mm
Drill Speed: 60mm/min

Small Hole Drilling EDM Machine (dB703) characteristics:
* Can drill deep hole with diameters 0.3mm ~ 3mm (the depth-diameter ratio is 300: 1)
* The speed of drilling hole is 30mm~60mm depth per minute (it is different for different material)
* Can drill wire-cut starting hole, filter hole, jet hole, gas hole, group holes and hole of super depth etc.
* Can drill small holes on the various conductive materials, even semiconductor material, especially stainless steel, chilled steel, copper, aluminium and hard alloy etc
* Can drill on oblique and curved surface directly
* Can easily erode the drill and screw tap etc which is broken in the workpiece and not destroy the screw thread of the holes
* The working water can be normal water or saponification fluid and no pollution is brought
* The operation is easy and convenient
* X, Y, Z axes have digital display devices
* Z axis has the function of setting depth

Main performance indexes and technical requirements.

2. Basic configuration:
A. Three axes have digital displays; It is consistent with operation
B. Z axis uses linear guide rail (driven by the step motor with 5 phases 10 beats), it is driven by DC motor
C. The rotary head is of straight gear transmission, its volume is small
D. The super large scales integrate circuits make the impulse power supply reliable
E. The multiple power supply of high and low voltage and high-power VMOS field -effect transistor
F. The double Z is moved by motor
G. The operate-control box is adjustable, it is fully considered to convenience of operator
H. It contains the operation and control mode of DD703
I. The specialty plunger pump, thread gap filter
J. The marble working table
K. The stainless fixtures
L. The accessories and consumable parts
M. The processing polarity can be changed
N. The processing stability is adjustable

Item Unit DB703
Worktable size (L×W) mm 436×316
Table travel(X×Y) mm 300×400
Z axis travel mm 270+300
Max. drilling depth mm 0~300
Max. drilling speed mm/min 60
Max. working current A 30
Electrode diameter mm 0.3~3.0
Load of table Kg 200
Working solution   water/saponification
Working reservoir capacity L 25
Power supply   380V/50Hz
Max Power consumption KVA 3.5
Machine dimensions (L×W×H) mm 1060×750×1700
Package dimensions (L×W×H)   1300×1040×2030
Machine weight Kg 600
Controller type   Automatic Z axis
Digital display   X, Y, Z axis
Function of setting depth   have

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