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Название:CNC Lathe-Vertical Machining Center (FMC
Торговая марка:Guheng
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Vertical Machining Center of FMC-1060 is designed for industries which demand high precision and high efficiency. It has been widely used in the processing of various parts, such as accurate mould, automotives, aerospace, and electronics and information industry.

The machine is made of high rigidity Meehanite cast iron, and adopts an effective method to estimate the whole structure by finite element computer, which is the advanced technology, brought in the foreign countries.

The 3-axes are driven by powerful servo motor, with which driven ball screw directly, to smooth the round trip of axes and position accuracy.

The 3-axes adopt Taiwan C3 precision ball screw, matched up with the skill of pre-load screw nuts and pre-draw screw bolts, to reduce the effect of temperature changing.

With the structure of wide pedestal and the box structure column, widening and lengthening saddle, the design of heavy load bearing, solidly-structured, the machine can ensure the high load capacity while processing. Besides, pedestal and vertical box structure column, matched up with the design of strengthen ribs to greatly enhance the Strength and rigidity of the whole structure.

FMC-1060 Machine Specifications
item FMC-1060 unit   standard accessories specification number unit
  Stroke Max. x axis stroke  1060 mm   Fanuc controller Oi MD 1 set
Max. y axis stroke 620 mm   Complete chip enclosure   1 set
Max. z axis stroke 610 mm     Spindle air blower   1 set
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 120-730 mm   Automatic lubrication system   1 group
Distance from spindle center to column 700 mm   BT-40  spindle 8000rpm 1 group
Table Dimension 1200*620 mm   Heat exchanger   1 group
T-slot 130*18*5 mm   Tool kit and basic instruments   1 set
Max. loading capacity 800 kg     Work lamp    1 group
Spindle Spindle speed 8000 rpm   Lump for readjust level   1 group
Spindle taper ISO NO. 40 mm     Operation manual    1 group
Spindle diameter 70 mm    
Feed rate X/Y/Z-Axis rapid traverse  24/24/24 m/min   Options Accessories
Feedrate 1-8000 mm/min   20 Umbrella type tools   1 group
Drive motor Spindle drive motor 7.5/11 kw     24 Knife-arm type tools   1 group
X/Y/Z axis motor 2.5 kw     Spindle oil cooler   1 set
Arm-type tool changing system(optional) Tool capacity 24 pcs   Screw conveyer   1 set
Torm of chang tool  knife-arm     Chain conveyer    1 set
Tool shank BT-40       Fourth-axis indexing disc    1 group
Tool haft drag link 45 degree     Mitsubishi controller M70 1 set
Max. tool length 300 mm     Spindle    12000rpm 1 set
Max. tool diameter ø 80(ø 150) mm          
Max. tool weight 7 kg          
Tool changing time 2.2 sec          
General specification Machine height 2850 mm          
Area(L X W) 2800*2800 mm          
Machine weight 7500 kg          
Driving demand 22 KVA   All specifications are subject to change without notice in advance.
Barometrical demand 6 kgf/cm²  

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