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Название:Precision Horizontal CNC Gear Hobbing Ma
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Зубофрезерный станок
Product Description

Machine Configuration and Feature
1)Fanuc 31I-MA system is adopted for 7 axis controlled high automatic machining.B.C.A and Z axis is simultaneously controlled for DRAM gear and bevel gear cutting.
2)Full enclosure and optional oil mist filter keep clean working environment.Coolant and chip conveyer is arranged in the middle of the high rigidity casting bed enables a smooth let-out flow.
3)Machine use high precision linear ball guide-ways and ball screws.

4)Double-row hollow taper roller precision bearings are used in front of workpiece spindle, which ensures a high precision, high rigidity and vibration absorbing cutting condition.500 rpm workpiece spindle speed enables a high speed cutting for most types of gears, especially for those with fewer teeth.
5)The tailstock is driven b servomotor and the center is by hydraulic, which gives an easy loading and quick load/unload is ensured.
6)Automatic lubrication is equipments, such as after heat treatment, Deburring device is available as and optional for special workpiece.

This machine is most suitable for efficient hobbing of different types of spur/spiral gears under Module 3 mm.Dry cutting could be adopted when proper tools used.This will enable achieve precision and productive machining, and in the mean while, green and environment-friendly production.

Description WL3610II Unit
Max. Hobbing Dia 100 mm
Max, Hobbing Module 3 mm
Max, Carriage travel 220 mm
Rangeof ToothNumber 3~999 Tooth
Adjustable hob rest angle ± 45 degree
Max. spindle dia. 80 mm
Hob shank dia. 13*1 mm
X, Z axis rapid travel 10 m/min
Motor for workpiece spindle Rated power 4 kw
Rated torque 22 N. m
Max. RPM 500 r/min
Motor for hob spindle Rated power 5.5/7.5 kw
Rated torque 35 N. m
Max. RPM 5000 r/min
Servo motor for X Z axis Rated power 1.6 kw
Rated torque 8 N. m
Servo motor for Y axis Rated power 0.75 kw
Rated torque 2 N. m
Servo motor for A axis Rated power 1.6 Kw
Rated torque 8 N. m
Overall size L x W x H 2200 x 2300 x2240 mm

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