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Название:CNC Vertical Universal Grinder (LMC95J S
Модель:LMC95J Series
Тип:?лифовальный станок
Product Description

Advanced construction, optimized design:
Inclined guide-ways, fix transom construction, integer column and increased bed create high rigidity and high stability.
High capability linear guides motion assemblies:
Preload THK roller guides and pre-tensibility Roxroth ball screw assemblies create super motion accuracy, super accuracy and super stability in two linear servo motor assemblies. (X axes and Z axes)
Hydrodynamic & Hydrostatic pressure spindle, rotating accuracy in up to 1¦М:
Hydrodynamic & Hydrostatic pressure wheel spindle, spindle motor drive wheel spindle by multi-wedge typed tape, so wheel motion is smooth and has good rigidity. The work-piece ground roughness is one degree higher than common spindle.
Super capability work table:
Work table (work spindle) aligned by precise bearing, supported by unloading flat guide, spindle motor drive work table by tooth-typed tape, so this machine has high motion accuracy, high rigidity and smooth movements.
CNC control, all purposes and high efficiency:
This machine can carry out any two or three axis combination movements in X, Z, B(optional) controlled axis. Grinding frame can be semi-rotate, so this machine have all purpose, high automation degree, precision and high efficiency.

Work piece vertical chucked by electrical magnetic:
Work table can be configured a acetabulum (optional). Work piece can be chucked vertically by acetabulum to eliminate distort owed to work piece dead weight and chucking. So it can be grinding all the surfaces except absorb surface, such as outer, inner, shoulder, end face of work piece. The work piece finished grinding has high geometry accuracy.

High rigid, High stability, High power, Perfectly combined with CNC, precision, all-purpose and high efficiency

Overall arrangement in reason, Advanced construction, Finite Element Analysis optimized design.

Work-piece vertical chucked by electrical magnetic, minimum distort in chuck, grind more surfaces in one chuck. Ground accuracy and efficiency are higher than a horizontal grinder. The best choice to grind large precision bearings and flat precision ring type work-pieces for grinder in product line.

Application range:

This machine has features such as Big power, high accuracy, supper rigidity, CNC control and high efficiency. It is suitable to rough grinding semi-finish grinding and finish grinding in small batch, more variety production line.

Is is special suitable to grind ID and OD of bearings`inner and outer rings and end surface. It is also suitable to rough/semi/finish grind many kind of arc path in shoulder surface, end surface and inner/outer round surfaces.

It is suitable to grind ring type, tray type, cylinder type work-pieces with complex sections combined line, arc, anycurvilineal. It can complete all the surface such as inner/outer round surfaces, end surfaces and shoulder surfaces in one chuck.

Especially fit for the grinding process of the channel, inner-outer and end surface of pitch-change bearing and yaw bearing of the wind-electricity system.

Work table diameter1000mm1250mm1600mm2000mm2500mm
Work table speed2~60rpm1.6~48rpm1.2~42rpm1~30rpm0.8~25rpm
Loading (Acetabulum included)4000kg6000kg8000kg10000kg12000kg
Machining Capacity     
Max. OD to be ground1100mm1350mm1700mm2100mm2600mm
Max. rotating diameter1250mm1450mm1800mm2200mm2700mm
Work piece height800mm
SpindleSingle spindleDouble spindle
Spindle speed1000~3600rpm
Standard wheel diameter400mm/500mm
Wheel thicknessMax. 150mm
Wheel drive power18.5/22kw (30mins)
Swing range± 90°
X axes Travel1870mm1995mm2095mm2120mm2370mm
Z axes Travel630mm        
X/Z axes traverse feedrate0~5000mm/min        
X/Z axes positioning accuracy±0.01mm        
X/Z axes repeat accuracy±0.005mm        
Wheel dresserStandard        
CNC Radian dresser (B axis)≤R50, ±180° (Optional)        
Diamond wheel dresserOptional        
Acetabulum thicknewss180mm        
Acetabulum attraction150N/sq(cm)        
CNC unit: 
Num 1050Standard
Fanuc 0iOptional
Siemens 810DOptional
Machine net weight25T27T30T44T49T
Overall diemension(L×W×H)4.3×4.8×5.1m4.4×5.0×5.1m4.5×5.2×5.1m6.1×5.9×5.1m6.6×5.9×5.1m

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