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Название:Universal Knee-Type Milling Machine (XW6
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

1. High-Performance Parallel lathe;
2. Suitable for turning internal and external cylindrical, conical and swing surfaces as well as various metric, inch, module and diametric pitch threads. Also can be used for broaching oil grooves and keyways;
3. Casted in whole piece, box type internal structure, of high rigidity, with hardened guideway. The rigidity is high. The precision is stable. And these lathes can carry out string force cutting;
4. On apron, there is a device, operated by a single lever, used for rapid traverse of the carriage. Spindles braking and rotating direction change is controlled by hydraulic system, or by hand operation, all to users choice;
5. The saddle guide-way is glued by "TSF" soft belt wear resisting materials;
6. The top slide can be used independently for turning of short cone, in combination with longitudinal feeding, it can also turn ling taper surface.

Model Unit PTCW1400B (Standard)
Swing over bed mm 800
Swing over carriage mm 480
Maximum length of workpiece mm 1500 3000 5000
Maximum turning length mm 1350 2850 4850
Span of guideway mm 600
Spindle nose code   C15
Diameter of spindle thru hole mm 140
Taper hole of spindle mm 1:20/150
Number of forward turning speeds   18 kinds
Number of reverse turning speeds   6 kinds
Spindle speeds (Forward) r/min 5.5-750
Spindle speeds (Reverse) r/min 10-775
Feed motion
Longitudinal and cross   64;0.1-24;32
Cross-to-longitudinal feed rate   1/2 mm
Screw pitch of leadscrew   12
Number and range of metric thread   50 kinds; 1-240mm
Number and range of inch thread   26 kinds; 14-1
Number and range of module thread   53 kinds; 0.5-120mm
Number and range of diametrical pitch thread   24 kinds; 28-1
Rapid traverse speed of carriage mm/min 4000
Tool post
Distance between spindle center-line and tool resting plane mm 33
Section of tool shank mm 32
Tool post swing range º ±90º
Max.travel of top slide mm 200
Max.travel of cross slide mm 500
Diameter of Tailstock quill mm 100
Travel of tailstock quill mm 250
Taper Hole of Tailstock quill Morse 5
Acceptance conditions   GB/T4020-1997 Accuracy parallel lathe
  JB/T2322-1993 Terms parallel lathe
Main motor power kw 11
Machine mass kg 4900 5500 6900
Machine overall dimension        
Length mm 3660 5155 7390
Hight mm 1630
Width mm 1450

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