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Название:CNC Lathe (CJK6136)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Product Features
1. Using KND, wide number and Huaxing systems and hybrid stepper or servo motor;
2. Semi-closed protection, ease of operation;
3. Bed rail and extension units for super audio quenching, strong wear resistance, long service life; The overall casting bench after artificial aging treatment, long-term use of more reliale;

4. Precision ball screw drive;
5. Elastic clamping chuck body with a unique fast-saving time, effort, wasy to operate;
6. Straight rows are interchangeable knife and electric tool can also be dual-configuration;
7. Centrlalized lubrication safe and reliable;
8. Frequency stepless speed regulation, or two-spped motor.

For Scope
1. With the turning cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end, grooving, drilling reaming and processing all kinds of thread functions;
2. Applicable to automobile and motorbike, valves, power tools, hardware, instrumentation and other industries to use, can be a variety of metals and non-metal parts processing.

Technology Parameters          
Item Content Units Parameters
The ability to work Max machinning swing diameter above extension unit mm 220  
Max machinning swing diameter above lathe bed mm 360  
  Max. bar diameter mm 48  
Max length of cutting mm 750mm  
        Dual speed motor Poleless speed
Range of thread processing Metric mm 0.25-4 0.25-15
British Inch 33.5-6 33.5-6
Spindle Spindle speeds Poleless r/min ≤ 2500  
Dual speed r/min 960/1400  
Bore dia     mm 48  
High of center   mm 200  
Inner  taper bore   Mouse NO. 6  
Main motor  Power  Poleless KW 5.5  
Dual speed KW 3/4.5  
Speed Poleless R/min 960/1400  
Dual speed r/min 1440  
Feed     Step Motor Servo motor
Max travel speed X direction mm/min 4000 5000
Z direction mm/min 6000 10000
Min unit setting X direction mm 0.001  
Z direction mm 0.001
Stroke Max Stroke X direction mm 420  
Z direction mm 750  
Pneumatic Tailstock Taper angle of top sleeve  Mouse NO. 4  
Max stroke of top sleeve mm 150  
Top sleeve left right stroke mm ± 5  
Toolrest Electric kniferest Position 4  
Knife size mm 25X25  
General Specifications Net weight of lathe kg 2200  
  Overall dimensions(L× W× H) mm 1950X1150X1650  
Hydraulic Three-jaw Diameter mm 200  
Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder         HF100  

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