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Название:CNC Lathe (SK61125E)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

General introduction of the machine tool

The SK61125E Series horizontal lathe, greatly adopts the Germany advanced manufacturing technology of CNC machine tool, is meticulously manufactured with the parts of high reliability, Apart from the features of high accuracy, large power and high rigidity, the lathe is also endowed with various functions as well as high degree of atomization, etc. The main components and structure have been undergone a very optimized design, which makes the machine tool be the first choice for machining workpieces as shafts, discs, sleeves, special shape surfaces and worms pieces, etc.

The SK61125E Series horizontal lathe is equipped with Siemens 802DSL CNC system originally imported from German as well as full digital AC servo system. The stepless speed change of main turning movement is accomplished by 6RA70 DC speed control system produced by Siemens by driving DC main motor. Both X and Z axes are in semi-closed loop control, and the precision ball screws produced by Nanjin process equipment factory make the machine tool obtain an excellent positioning accuracy. Adopting ltalian technology, the vertical four working-position CNC tool rest produced by Yantai Universal Co., with high performance, runs the feature of fairly high repeat positioning accuracy and high performing stability.

SPECIFICATIONS:  SK61125E  SK61140ESK61160ESK61180ESK61200E
Max.swing dia.of workpieces over bedφ1250mmφ1400mmφ1600mmφ1800mmφ2000mm
Max.machining dia.over tool restφ880mmφ1050mmφ1250mmφ1450mmφ1650mm
Chuck diameterφ1250mmφ1400mmφ1600mmφ1800mmφ2000mm
Max.weight of workpieces between two centers18tSection size of tools used40x40mm
Width of guideways on bed1100mmRepeat positioning of tool rest2’’
Max.torque of flower disc20K.N.mMax.cutting force of tool rest20KN
Steps for spindle speedTwo gears(stepless)Moving distance of tailstock sleeve250mm
Range of spindle speed0.6-180 r.p.m.Dia of tailstock sleeveφ240mm
Dia.of spindle holeφ100mmSize of tailstock tapered hole1:7;φ80mm
Taper of spindle holeMetric140Repid moving speed of tailstock3300mm/min
Max.length of workpieces between two centers5000~14000mmMain driving motorDC55KW
Front support dia.of spindleφ240mmTorque of servo motor for feed in X axis27Nm
Criterion for spindle noseISO:A2-20Torque of servo motor for feed in Z axis36Nm
Cross rapid moving of X axis4000mm/minRapid moving motor of tailstock1.5KW
Longitudinal rapid moving of Z axis6000mm/minLubricating oil pump motor1.5KW
Cross feed range of X axis1-2000mm/minCooling electrical pump0.55KW
Longitudinal feed range of Z axis1-2000mm/minSupporting range of steady restφ200-800mm
Cross stroke of X axis1050mmTotal electrical power of the machine tool71KW
Longitudinal stoke of Z axis5000mmNet weight of the machine toolApproximately 30000kg
CNC tool restVertical four working positionsOverall fimension of the machine (LxWxH)10750x2780x2800mm

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