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Название:CNC Drilling Maching for Plates (DPD-161
Торговая марка:liaoyuan
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Сверлильный станок
Product Description

1. The machine is mainly used to drill plate such as joint plate for building steel structure and other machinery industries.
2. High efficiency and stable working accuracy. Easy to operate.
3. The machine is mainly compose of base, gantry, drilling unit, exchangeable, chip removal system, electric system, hydraulic system and centralized lubricating system etc.

4. There are two exchangeable worktables in the machine. While the workpiece on one worktable is being drilling, the other worktable can be moved out to unload the finished workpiece and load a new workpiece. These exchangeable worktables can greatly reduce the loading and unloading time and improve the production efficiency.
5. This machine uses stroke self-controlled drilling unit. Rapid feeding, working feed and rapid with-drawing are transformed automatically without presetting any parameters manually such as the length of the drill and the thickness of the workpiece before operating, so that the machine is easy to operate.

6. Hydraulic clamps are capable of clamping four groups of small workpiece at once so as to reduce the preparation period of production and increase the efficiency.
7. The software of host computer is humanized designed. The machine's running data can be shown directly on the real time monitor and I/O monitor interface.
8. The machine uses centralized lubricating system to make sure all the function parts being well lubricated thus improve the performance and extend the lifetime of the machine.

Model DPD
Size of workpiece Thickness of workpiece (mm) Max 80
 Width x length(mm) 1000mmx1650(one piece)
825mmx1000 (two piece)
500mmx825 (four piece)
Drilling spindle Quick-change drill chuck (Morse3#4#)
Diameter of drill head (mm) Φ12-Φ50
The mode of speed adjustment Transducer stepless speed adjustment
Rotate speed (r/min) 120-560
Stroke (mm) 180
Processing feeding Hydraulic stepless speed adjustment
Hydraulic clamping Thickness of clamping (mm) 15-80
Quantity of clamping cylinder (piece) 12
Clamping force (kN) 7.5
Start-up clamping Foot-switch
Cooling fluid Mode Forcing cycle
Volume(l) (approx.)100
Hydraulic system Clamping pressure (MPa) 6(60kgf/cm² )
Feeding pressure (MPa) 2(20kgf/cm²)
Volume of oil tank(L) 120
Air pressure Source of compressed air (MPa) 0.4(4kgf/cm²)
Motor Spindle (kW) 5.5
Hydraulic pump (kN) 2.2
Cooling pump (KW) 0.25
Chip removal motor (KW) 0.4
Servo system of x axis (KW) 1.5
Servo system of y axis (KW) 1.0
Overall dimensions L x W x H (mm) (Approx.)5190x4963x2780
weight Main body (t) 4
Chip removal system (t) 0.4

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