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Название:CNC Lathe (CK75 Series)
Модель:CK75 Series
Торговая марка:SMAC
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CK7156/20/30 CNC lathes are the latest products manufactured with advanced thchnologies licensed by Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. (South Korea). Its strength, dynamic and static rigidity, mechanics of main parts, safety device and cooling system are all designed according to Turning Center. The strengthed casting base and exclusive slant bed provide excellent rigidity and dampening, coupled with con-venient chip removal. A high precision through-hole spindle driven by powerful AC main motor feature the stability and low noise during operation. Key parts like bearing on the ball screw and main spindle are all famous foreign products, ensuring the higher machining accuracy and longer part life. The multi-station turret indexed fast and nonstop bi-directionally with a high repeatability.

The CNC system is optional with FANUC0-TC, 0-TDII or others as required. The hydraulic parts, lubrication unit and chuck are all famous domestic or foreign products as well.
The new designed CK7516/20/25/30 feature easy panel operation and complete protection. They are undoubtedly the most powerful products in their class due to their excellent accuracy and stability.

1) Powerful AC Spindle Motor
2) Massive Low End Spindle Torque
3) Larger Spindle Bore
4) Oversize Ball Screw and AC Servo Motor
5) Rigid Slant Bed
6) Hardened and Ground Guideways
7) Non-stop Bi-directional Electric Turret
8) Programmable Tailstock Body and Quill
9) Asial Protective Torque Limiter Clutch
10) Automatic Tool Setter
11) Fast Rapid Traverse
12) 32-Bit CNC System
13) Air Exchange and Moisture Proof Elctricity
14) Unit Dial Indicationg Hydraulic Pressure Regulator

CapacitySwing diameter over bedmmΦ400Φ550Φ550Φ670
Max. turning diametermmΦ285Φ450Φ450Φ500
Max. turning lengthmm400100010001500
Max. bar diametermmΦ42Φ73Φ73Φ90
SpindleType of spindle nose A2-5A2-8A2-8A2-8
Spindle bore diametermmΦ57Φ87Φ87Φ105
Chuck diametermmΦ165Φ254Φ254Φ305
Shindle speedrpm55-550030-300030-300025-2500
Spindle motor power (Continuous/30min)Kw11/1515/18.5 (*18.5/22)15/18.5 (*18.5/22)22/30
TailstockQuill diametermmΦ70Φ9Φ90Φ110
Quill travelmm80100100150
Taper of center (Standard/live spindle)MT4/25/45/46/5
FeedTravel X/Zmm165/410250/1010250/1010295/1550
Rapid traverse rate X/Zm/min12/1616/20 (*12/15)16/20 (*12/15)12/16
Feed motor torque X/ZN.m6/1212/2212/2212/22
TurretNumber of turret 12/812/812/88
Tool O.D. size (turning/boring)mm20 x 20/Φ3225 x 25/Φ4025 x 25/Φ4032 x 32/Φ50
OtherSlant degree of bed 45454560
Power supplyKVA35355060
Dimension (L x W x h)mm2535 x 1672 x 16623255 x 1805 x 18503655 x 1990 x 18804822 x 2244 x 2178

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