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Название:CNC Lathe (SK40P/SK50P)
Торговая марка:THL
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

They are CNC horizontal lathes. Spindle speed is changed mechanically in three gears together with control of a frequtncy changer. The lathe has 4 types(750, 1000, 1500 and 2000). Complete with 4-station(standard)/6-station turret(optional), the lathes are available for different cuttings. The sliding door ensures the operators' safety.

CNC systems such as GSK980T Guangzhou system, FANUC 0I Mate-TD, Dasen 3I, Sinumerik802C basline/802DSL\KND1000T, etc. Is provided on request. These lathes can perform internal and external cylinderical turning, arbitrary taper turning, facing and threading. They are suitable for various middle or small batch production, especially for complicated and high accuracy workpieces.

Capacity Max.swing over bed mm Φ400 Φ500
Max.swing over cross slide mm Φ200 Φ280
Max.turning dia. mm Φ400 / Φ350* Φ500/Φ350*
Distance between centers mm 710/960/1460/1960
Max.turning length mm 570/820/1320/1820
Spindle Spindle nose / ISO 702/IID8 or ISO 702/IA2-8
Spindle bore mm Φ77
Spindle speeds r/min 3 gears stepless 21-1620
H:162-1620 M:66-660 L:21-210
Max.output of torque N.m 800
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter mm Φ75
Tailstock quill taper MT No. Morse No.5
Max.quill travel mm 150
Tailstock cross movement mm ±15
Turret Number of tool / 4(standard)/6(optional)
Max.permissibe tool section mmxmm 25X25
Turret travel mm X-axis: 300   Z-axis: 650/900/1400/1900
Rapid traverse(Max.) m/min m/min X -axis:6
Z -axis:12
Lead screw pitch mm X -axis:5    Z -axis: 6
Other Main motor / DP132M-4 7.5kW freq. inverting motor
Coolant pump / AOB-25 120W 25L/min
Drive belt control systems / B1854 4 pieces B1930 4 pieces
Dimension(LXWXH) mm L 2250/2500/3000/3500
W 1370
H 1690
Package dimensions(L*W*H) mm 2550/2800/3300/3800X1920X2200
Net weight kg 2050/2100/2150/2200 2100/2150/2200/2260

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