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Название:CNC Lathe (CJK0632)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CJK0632 CNC lathe using mechanical and electrical integration, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, wide range of uses, easy to operate, one multi-machine and other advantages, we can achieve a variety of broducts, cylindrical, face, inner holes, cutting slots, arbirary cone, sphere and a variety of public, British and American automatic processing.

Using high-precision spindle bearing support, extension units vertical and horizontal lines using high-precision rolling rod drive, wear-resistant cast iron rails with cast, and after super audio quenching, and grinding, long-term gaurantee of stability and machine accuracy and mission of life.

The machine uses the top needle limit Clamp fixture, the workpiece loading and unloading convenient and accurate positioning; Or optional three-jaw chuck clamping, machine tools using a broader scope. This machine can be widely used in valves, plumbing, auto parts and other metal finishing batch.

Product Features

This series of machines are used Guideway special wear-resistant treatment, improved the precision of retention.

Technology Parameters          
Item Content Units Parameters
The ability to work Max machinning swing diameter above extension unit mm 50
Max machinning swing diameter above lathe bed mm 100
Max machinning length mm 100
Spindle Range of rotating speed rpm 200-3000
Bore diameter mm 32
Rotating speed rpm 800/1600(200-3000)
Stroke Speed of X axis mm/min 6000(step)/8000(servo)
Max stroke of X axis mm 220
Min unit setting of X axis mm 0.001
Speed of Z axis mm/min 6000(step)/8000(servo)
Max stroke of Z direction mm 200
Min unit setting of Z axis mm 0.001
Motor Main motor kW 0.85-1.5(4 conversion)
Pneumatic Tailstock      
General Specifications          
Hydraulic Three-jaw          
Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder          
Other  Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1330(L)X820(W)X1430(H)
Net weight Kg 680

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