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Название:Hydraulic Press Brake (WC67Y-200/3200)
Торговая марка:TENDTOOL
Тип:Гибочный станок
Product Description

Hydraulic Press Brake (WC67Y-200/3200)

Structure and Features

1. The frame is entirely welded with steel plates and treated to relieve stress by tempering, so the percision is well maintained.
2. Hydraulic top-drive, stepless pressure adjustment and high quality sealing rings imported from overseas to ensure the machine tools reliability.
3. Mechanical synchronous mechanism and the complex compensation are designed so as to raise the workpieces precision. (the convex structure for the table above 160T)
4. The stroke and distance of the backgauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjusted by hand, the adjustment is displayed by digital meters.
5. Inch, single, continuous operation mode being designed for the machine and reversing and maintain time can be controlled by the timr relays.
6. Safe fence and the electric interlocker have been designed for the machine to ensure the operation safety. (the back of 40T and above 200T without safe fence. )

(Design and specifications given herein are subject to change without prior notice.)

Nominal Pressure(kn)Length of Working Table(mm)Distance between end frames(mm)Throat Depth(mm)Ram Stroke(mm)Stroke number(times/min)Max.open Height(mm)Motor Power(kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions( L× W × H)
WC67Y-63/250063025001960250100≥ 103205.546002550*1560*2240
WC67Y-63/3200630320025603200100≥ 103205.562003250*1600*2300
WC67Y-80/320080032002560320100≥ 103407.570003250*1600*2300
WC67Y-80/40008004003160320100≥ 103407.576004050*1600*2400
WC67Y-100/3200100032002550320110≥ 83407.578003250*1600*2400
WC67Y-100/4000100040003150320110≥ 83407.585004050*1600*2400
WC67Y-100/5000100050003950320110≥ 83407.5100005050*1700*2400
WC67Y-100/6000100060004950320110≥ 83407.5115006050*1600*2400
WC67Y-160/2500160025001940430160≥ 64201190002550*1700*2600
WC67Y-160/3200160032002540430160≥ 642011105003250*1700*2600
WC67Y-160/4000160040003140430160≥ 642011120004050*1700*2600
WC67Y-160/5000160050003940430160≥ 642011135005050*1700*2600
WC67Y-160/6000160060004940430160≥ 642011155006050*1700*2600
WC67Y-200/3200200032002540450200≥ 345022130003280*1930*2800
WC67Y-200/4000200040003140450200≥ 345022150004080*1930*2800
WC67Y-200/5000200050003940450200≥ 345022185005080*1930*3000
WC67Y-200/6000200060004940450200≥ 345022225006080*1930*3000
WC67Y-250/3200250032002540450220≥ 350022180003300*2010*3200
WC67Y-250/4000250040003140450220≥ 350022205004080*2010*3200
WC67Y-250/5000250050003940450220≥ 350022220005100*2550*3200
WC67Y-250/6000250050004960450220≥ 35002225006100*2550*3400
WC67Y-300/6000300060004960450220≥ 35602227006100*2570*3600

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