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Название:CNC Lathe (PTENC530A)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

1. CNC cycle lathe for cost effective batch and single part production;
2. This lathe is popular among Europe and America, and a new type CNC lathe with education function well;
3. Unitary lathe base, sealing protection;
4. Imported spindle bearing, with high precision, which have been exported to industrialized country for quantity;
5. Most of the time it can finish the turning of the work-piece in high speed by NCD teaching programming, and also can switch to standard NC teaching programming easily.
6. This lathe is specially suitable for wide range and small order working occasion, and also for the easy training of operating crew.
7. Automatic 4-position tool changer for increased productivity;
8. Gear levels for high pulling force;
9. Frequency inverter drive with infinitely variable speed ofr excellent work results;
10. Two electronic hand-wheels for manual operation;
11. Implemented cycles for facing and plain turning radius, taper, thread, plunge cut and complete contouring.

Standard accessories:
*Fanuc 0I mate TC or FAGOR8055TC
*Coolant system
*Standard work light
*Vertical 4-position electrical turret
*Standard lathe colour
*Manual tailstock
*Manual 3-jaw chuck 325 MM 1 PC
*Manual tools
*Half Chip guard
*Automatic lubrication system
*Heat exchanger
*Dead center M5

Optional accessories:
*Hydraulic tailstock
*Six position vertical electric turret
*12 inch dead hole hydraulic chuck
*12 inch through hole hydraulic chuck
*Steady rest 20-170mm
*Steady rest 170-350mm
*Follow rest 15-120mm
*Live center M5

Model PTENC530A
CNC Controlling system FAGOR 8055TC
Max. diameter over bed Φ530 mm
Distance between center 1500/2000 mm
Height of center 265 mm
Width of bed 400 mm
Spindle speed L:2 steps 25-250 200-500
H:2 steps 400-1000 800-2000
Spindle moter power 7.5 KW
Spindle nose C8
Diameter in spindle bord Φ80 mm
Diameter of chuck Standard: Φ250
Power of X.Z.feed motors 1.8/1.7 KW
Rapid traverse rate of X.Z.axis 4/8 m/min
Positioning of X.Z.axis 0.030/0.045 mm
Turnging tol shank size 25 x 25 mm
Diameter of tailstock quill Φ85 mm
Quill stroke 150 mm
No.of taper bore on sleeve MT4
Repeat positioning 0.012/0.020
Weight 3700/4700 kgs

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