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Название:CNC Lathe (PTENC Series)
Модель:PTENC Series
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

1. Heavy-duty cycle CNC lathes for demanding applications and turning of complex single parts and series production parts;
2. Heavy-duty lathes for powerful chip removal and high accuracy;
3. A veriety of center widths and turning diameter give the user an optimum selection;
4. Powerful motors and automatic 4-step gears ensure high chip removal power;
5. The spindle can accomplish 4-stage infinite frequency variable speed changing. Being of wide range, big lap, full automatic, the spindle speed can accommodate wide machining range.
6. The spindle can accomplish large torque output at low speed range.
The movable safe-guard design makes the machinery easy to operate and easy to load/unload work-pieces;
7. High torques even at low spindle speeds;
8. Equipped with load reducing device makes the tailstock easy to move;
9. Taper turning unlimited angle and length;
10. Cutting of various cylindrical and taper threads, and continuous transition threads.

1. Heavy-duty cycle CNC lathes with massive machine bed and 22kW main motor power;
2. Versatile and powerful plus extremely easy operation;
3. Very easy to operate without previous programming knoledge, quick to learn;
4. Easy set-up and storage of tool parameters;
5. For track programming, the suer merely enters any known data for the contour into the smart profile editor;
6. Complete grapgics support;
7. Various cycles, like facing and plain turning, includes linear and taper thread cutting; Inside and outside
8. Interactive, graphic help window is available during cycle input.

Max. diameter over bed630800940
Max. turning diameter over slide340520650
Distance between center1500/3000/5000 mm1500/3000/5000 mm1500/3000/5000 mm
Height of center315 mm400 mm470 mm
Width of bed550 mm550 mm550 mm
Spindle speed12.5-64 r/min
32-160 r/min
80-400 r/min
200-1000 r/min
10-52 r/min
26-128 r/min
64-320 r/min
160-800 r/min
10-52 r/min
26-128 r/min
64-320 r/min
160-800 r/min
Spindle moter power11kW11kW11kW
Spindle nosec11c11c11
Diameter in spindle bord100100100
Diameter of chuck325 mm325 mm325 mm
Power of X.Z.feed motorsX/z:3/4kwX/z:3/4kwX/z:3/4kw
Rapid traverse rate of X.Z.axis3-4/6-8 m/min3-4/6-8 m/min3-4/6-8 m/min
Max travel of X Axis390 mm475 mm475 mm
Max travel of Z Axis1350/2850/4850 mm1350/2850/4850 mm1350/2850/4850 mm
Turnging tol shank size32 × 32 mm32 × 32mm32 × 32 mm
Diameter of tailstock quill100 mm100 mm100 mm
Traval of Quill stocke250 mm250 mm250 mm
Taper hole of tailstock quillM5M5M5
Power of cooling motor90W90W90W

CNC Controlling systemFANUC 0I TC/FAGOR 8055FANUC 0I TC/FAGOR 8055FANUC 0I TC/FAGOR 8055
Max. diameter over bed1000 mm1250 mm1600 mm
Max. turning diameter over slide6308801250
Distance between center1500/3000/5000 mm1500/3000/5000 mm1500/3000/5000 mm
Height of center500625820
Width of bed755 mm755 mm755 mm
Spindle speed3.15-40 r/min
8-80 r/min
16-160 r/min
31.5-315 r/min
3.15-40 r/min
8-80 r/min
16-160 r/min
31.5-315 r/min
3.15-40 r/min
8-80 r/min
16-160 r/min
31.5-315 r/min
Spindle moter power1500mm-3000mm:X/Z:4/4kW
Spindle noseA2-15A2-15A2-15
Diameter in spindle bord130130130
Diameter of chuck1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm
Power of X.Z.feed motors22KW1500mm-3000mm:X/Z:4.36/4.36kW
Rapid traverse rate of X.Z.axis3/6 m/min3/6 m/min3/6 m/min
Max travel of X Axis520 mm580 mm630 mm
Max travel of Z Axis1230/2730/4730 mm1230/2730/4730 mm1230/2730/4730 mm
Turnging tol shank size40 × 40 mm40 × 40 mm40 × 40 mm
Diameter of tailstock quill160 mm160 mm160 mm
Quill stroke300 mm300 mm300 mm
No.of taper bore on sleeveM6M6M6
Power of cooling motor150W150W150W

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