Общие сведения
Название:CNC Double Column Machining Center (GS-1
Торговая марка:DATAN
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Многофункциональный центр
Product Description

Main function: Milling, drilling, boring, tapping, cutting.
CNC system: Fanuc controller
Working table size: 2200*1400mm
Gate width: 1500mm
X/Y/Z axis travel: 2200*1500*1200mm
Working accuracy: 0.005mm
Spindle speed: 6000rpm
Spindle motor: 15/18.5kw
Spindle taper: BT50
T-slot: 9*18mm
Tool storage capacity: 24
Tool changer: Arm-type
Tool changing time: 3.5seconds
Machine size: 5800*4000*4600mm
Hard guide way
Power requirement: 40KVA
Net weight: 25000kg
Feature: Customize, good rigidity, perfect precision, suitable for heavy duty work, of course economic is important!

1) Strong massive machine is absolutely an essential part for gantry machining center. Made of qualified Meehanite cast iron GC-276 and dealt with tempering treatment, DATAN machines have high rigidity and admirable stability.
2). Structure size with finite element analysis(FEA) brings static rigidity and shock resistance of machine to a full play, preventing the appearance of cutting resonance, thus enhancing processing accuracy and prolonging tool service life.
3). The spindle box is designed on the base of the most suitable section- coefficient rectangular ratio with ratio 1: 1.15, supporting wonderful rigid processing with longer travel along Z axis;
4). The interlayers with accurate ribs are adopted within spindle box to solidity structural body, providing the machine with best dynamic rigidity and stability during rapid feeding and heavy cutting.
5). With design of bidirectional balance loop and double N2 cylinders for counter balance, the machine has tightly connected the driving mechanism to Z axis, totally providing precise response system for servo motor on Z axis and need for high thrust processing.
6). With elaborate central-symmetric main spindle system, the machine have made a reasonable and overall position arrangement for spindle, spindle motor, balls crews and bidirectional N2 cylinders, avoiding thermal deformation caused by temperature rise and reducing the appearance of unbalanced moment.
7). Standard advanced FANUC or MITSUBISHI controller provides with the machine a stable and efficient numeric control;
8). The machine can be optionally equipped with a powerful functional controller and a more precise closed-cycle control unit based on clients' various needs;
9). RG series linear roller-type guide way on X axis and Y axis and heavy-load and precise P grade linear slide guide way with 0.003-0.005 low frictional coefficient make it possible to have a low viscosity and high driving sensitivity and greatly improve dynamic precision; Hard rectangular guide way on Z axis covered with imported low frictional TURCITE-B and dealt with accurate scratching treatment ensures motional quality of the machine( low frictional coefficient and low friction resistance) and necessary cutting rigidity;
10). Aside from the design of collision-preventing device, C3 grade precise ball screws on X, Y, Z axis have set extra pre-pull function at each end of ball screw, which decrease thermal deformation caused by ball screw temperature rise
11). The spindle with 7: 24 taper( No 50, main spindle bearing diameter: 100mm) worked with P4 grade angular ball bearing, the spindle speed can reach 6000rpm. Matching with German ZF-DOUPLAN precise low-high gear transmission box, the machine can supply sufficient power and torque output for various cutting processing after adoption of Japanese FANUCα Series spindle motor or Japanese MITSUBISHI spindle motor.

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