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Название:CNC Lathe (PTAD200M/260M/330M)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

1. High speed and high efficency turning center;
2. Semi-closed loop CNC machine tools suitable to turn various complicated shaft, sleeve, disk or more complex applications;
3. The main spindle motor is a kind of powerful ap type wide range AC motor, which has great torgue output even at low speed, and AC servo motor being directly connected to precision ball screw makes them move synchronizingly;
4. Advanced Hydraulic turret, tool holdera can be changed in every working position;
5. The adopted FANUC Oi TC system provides with the functions of line interpolation, circular interpolation and thread intherpolation; In the feed system, AC servo motor being directly connected to precision ball 6. Screw makes them move synchronizingly;
7. Standard hydrulic tail stock, programmably controlled quill travelling. The tail stock can be moved by the carriage with a pag. And the programmably controlled tail stock is also avaible to meet user requirments;
8. The model of machinery with M is turning center, beside turning applications, they can also be used to drill and mill for various complicated work-pieces machining by its X/Z/C 3-axis conbined motion.

Standard Accessories:
*FANUC 0I controlling system
*Coolant system
*Hydraulic sstem
*Standard working lamp
*Chip splash guard
*Operation light
*Hydraulic dead hole chuck
*Drum type turret
*Manual tailstock
*C Axis fuction
*Powered turret
*Finger chuck
*One set of tool kits
*Technical documents

Optional Accessories:
*Chip conveyor
*Chip bucket
*Tool Setter
*Hydraulic Thru. Hole chuck
*Programming tailstock
*Automatic door
*Hydraulic steady rest


Swing over bedmm440520660
Max.turning dia.mm330400550
Max.turning dia.over slidemm240300360
Max.turning lengthmm500530780
Distance between centersmm500625890
Max.bar capacitymm527580
Travel and feedX-axis travelmm180210352
Z-axis travelmm510590855
Rapid traverse(x-and z-axis)m/min20/2412/1512/25

Cutting feed(x-and z-axis)
Hand feed(x-and z-axis)mm/min0-1260
SpindleSpindle speedrpm45-450035-350025-2500
Spindle nosetypeA2-6A2-8
Spindle front end bearing(dia)mm100130160
Spindle bore(dia)mm528792
C-axis indexing(increme
ntle unit)
TurretNumber of stationsposit.12
Indexing timesec0.71.0
Tool shank sizemm20X2025X25
Boring bar shank dia.mm4050
Tool speedrpm40-400070-2000
MotorMain spindle motorkw11/918.5/1530/22
X-axis servo motorkw1.02.1
Z-axis servo motorkw2.13.0
C-axis servo motorkw0.9
Tool driving motorkw3.7/2.2
Quill dia.mm8085110
Quill travelmm13080100
Quill taper holetypeMT-4MT-5
Other contentsCoolant capacityL200100110
Machine weightkg450047008500
Machine heightmm165019502130
Floor space(LxW)mm 22270X14703000X15453720X1820

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