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Название:CNC Lathe Machine (CL-15)
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

This machine has a special and beautiful modeling. It can make high speed, precision and high effciency cutting for complexly shaped parts. It is suitable for auto parts, valves and other similar parts large number machining as well as medium and small number production. Use Japanese MITSUBISH or FANUC control system and servo motors.

Using German SAUTER tool post enables it to select the nearest tool. Time for tool change is only 0.3 second.

The spindle is supported by SKF series bearings.

An automatic timely lubrication device is supplied for the machine.

It has a stainless steel inner protection and a totally sealed outside protection.

Different control and parts can be combined according to customers' requirement.

Max. Swing over bed: 360mm(14" )
Max. Cutting dia. For axle parts: 150mm(6" )
Max. Cutting dia. For disc parts: 250mm(10" )
Max. Cross travel (X): 150mm(6" )
Max. Longitudinal travel (Z): 320mm, 500mm(12" 19-5/8" )
Rapid feed for Axis X: 12m/min(427in/min)
Rapid feed for Axis Z: 20m/min(787in/min)
Max. Speed of spindle: 6000r/min
Taper bore of spindle: M. T. No. 5
Spindle nose: A2-5
Hydraulic chuck:  6"
Toolpost: 8
Outside dia. Of Cutting tool shank:  20x20mm(7/8" X7/8" )
Inner dia. Of Cutting tool shank: Φ25mm(1" )
Hydraulic tailstock sleeve Dia.: Φ80mm(3-1/8" )
Tailstock sleeve travel: 90mm(3-1/2" )
(X/Z) Min. Displacement: 0.0005/0.001mm
Min. Input: 0.001mm
Manual pulse generator: 0.001/0.01/0.1mm
Bed structure: 45° Slant bed integrated with stand
Guide ways X&Z: Precision linear ball rail
Tool Compensation model: Wear/geometric compensation
Metric/Inch switch function: G20, G21
MDI/CRT unit: 9" Single color display
Main motor power:  5.5/7.5kW(7.5/10HP)
Servomotor power (X/Z): 1.0/1.0kW
Capacity for coolant: 100L
Overall dimensions (L× W× H): 2700× 1460× 1680mm(106" × 57-1/2" × 66" )
Net weight: 3600kg(7930lbs)

Сайт поставщика: madeinchina.com

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