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Название:2 Axes Long-Roller Brush Drilling Machin
Торговая марка:Adtech
Тип:Сверлильный станок
Product Description

1. With 5.7 LCD screen, Chinese and English interface.
2. Supports data switching. The controller can be used as a U-Disk, and it also can be connected with U-Disk.
3. Convenient to adjust the hole position with the handwheel.
4. Long life, nice feel, and reliable keypad.
5. Safe to operate. With alarming fuction, the system will give an alam and stop to run when the machine fails.
6. Safe to operate. With alarming fuction, the system will give an alam and stop to run when the machine fails.
7. Easy to operate and program.
8. Large capacity, it can store 2000 programmes and each programme can imput 100, 000 processing data.
9. Convenient to find the specific program by choosing the program number.
10. Standard designed circuit reduces the line interference and makes sure send the correct signal.
11. You can confirm whether the hole position is right by step test after the program is saved.
12. Reasonable designed mechanical part position makes the machine good features.
13. Standard spare parts offered.
14. Spare parts are all made by our factory. It is very easy to replaceable.

Model BM-CNC2K03G
NO. of axis 2-axis
Diameter of Roller 30-300mm
Length of Roller 500-3000mm
Setting of Worktable high-precision straight-line rail and ball screw,steady and durable.
Material of Brush Handle Polyethylene, polystyrene, return materials, wood
Application To drill varieties of long-roller brushes
Depth of hole 1-12mm
Diameter of hole  3mm-8mm
Maximum Drilling Speed 5 holes/second
Max Speed 15000n/min
High Speed Motor Delta High-Speed Motor
AC motor Delta Brake Motor
Type&Brand of Driver/Motor stepper motor&driver , can adopt some brand motor&driver requested by users.
Adjust Speed Frequency-conversion stepless-adjustable speed
Replaceable Fixture FMS type. It can be easily changed to make other kinds of brushes.
Programme Storage Store 2000 programme,each can imput 100 thousand processing data. 
Program System CNC system,high precision,stability and efficiency
Dimension(L*W*H)  4800mm×800mm×1160mm
Gross weight  950KG
Power Single-phase 220v , 3-phase 220v or3-phase 380v, 50-60Hz 
Total power About 800w
Compressed Air Pressure  0.6-0.8Mpa

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