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Название:CNC Lathes Machine (FT-450)
Торговая марка:Guheng
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CNC Lathes Machine(FT-450)

FT-450 CNC numerical control lathes is the updated lathe of FT-420.

FANUC motor
The spindle motor has high power and torque (11/15kw), so that it can process many kinds of material by milling, turning, drilling and indexing precise machining.

VDI dynamic turret processing
This machine adopts high rigidity servo VDI dynamic turret (12 tools), which makes turning and milling compound function achieved. A work piece can be turned, milled, drilled and tapped in the same machine. So clearance error caused by work piece moving can be avoided. Moreover, much time and labors will be saved.

12-tool dynamic turret and C-axis mechanism
VDI type power turret combined with C axis mechanism do milling action on the turning work piece to complete all the processing work for one time and VDI type tool is easy to disassemble and install tools.

High precision and high rigidity spindle
Spindles adopt high-precision NSK P4 class bevel ball bearings to get the maximized span configuration according to the calculation and analyses, high-tech lubricating technology and high rigidity.

Program tailstock (special accessory)
The track of tailstock adopts linear glides with the auxiliary hydraulic cylinder to form the perfect tailstock program, which withstands the work piece in the overall moving way to eliminate moving clearance error caused by the traditional mandrel removal.

Laser correction
When guide screws do the screw pitch compensation, no matter where the machine is, the high-precision optical laser equipment can ensure that the positioning accuracy of the lathe, so the accuracy and stability of the processing pieces can be enhanced

Tool measurement system
(special accessory)
Manual or automatic tool measurement system, can set tool coordinate location, the tool breakage, tool corner wear abrasion, the screen display correction functions to enhance work efficiency.

FT-450 CNC numerical control lathes
Machine specifications   machine accessories 
machine type FT-450 unit   Standard accessories number 
Spindle Spindle nose type ANSI A2-5     FANUC OI  mate TD controller  
Dia. of spindle bore ø 55 mm   Ø 40Tool post 5pieces
Dia. of chuck  6"     Tool Inclined plate group 10groups
Spindle center height to floor  920 mm   Boring cutter bushingsØ 8, Ø 10, Ø 12, Ø 16, Ø 20, Ø 25, Ø 32 1set
Spindle center height to front door  420 mm   Ø 40boring cutter post 1piece
FANUC control system Spindle motor rating  7.5/11 kw   Hard jaw 1group 
Base spindle speed 1500 rpm   Soft jaw 1group 
Max. spindle speed  6000 rpm   Bar feeder interface   
Spindle output torque    35.8 N-m   ø 25Radial tool post 2pieces
X axis servo motor  1.2 kw   Halogen work lamp 1set
Z axis servo motor 1.2 kw   Foot switch 1set
max. swing over bed  ø 438 mm   Chip conveyor  1set
Max. machining length 420 mm   Work lamp  
Max. machining dia. ø 400 mm   Tool kit, operation manuals 1set
Max. diameter of  bar bore ø 45 mm      
X/Z axis traverse X axis stroke  250 mm   Special accessories
Z axis stroke 500 mm   Vertical servo tool  1set
X/Z axis rapid traverse rate  30 m/min   FANUC OI TD controller 1set
Machine accuracy  X/Z axis repeatability  0.003 mm   Part catcher  1set
Positioning precision ± 0.005 mm   Manual measurement tool 1set
Chip    removal  coolant tank capacity 140 liter   Automatic measurement tool  1set
coolant pressure  3.5 bar   Bar feeder 1set
Tools turret  Tools turret motor  hydraulic motor SET   High pressure coolant pump 1set
Tool number  10 pce   Dynamic turret and C-axis 1set
4 bearing tool post  ø 25 mm   Program tailstock  1set
Boring cutter post    ø 40 mm   Chip conveyor                                              1set
Adjacent tool changing time 0.25 sec      
Dimension L× W× H 3300*1600*1600 mm      
Weight  3200 kg      
Area(contain chip conveyor) 5.28      

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